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1. The four key metrics you need to drive digital solutions

2. How we deliver big growth with go to market strategy

3. Let us show you how we work with your company

4. An integrated media model you should be using

5. See the growth that our clients enjoy

6. Start free with our guide on the 13 blunders to bypass

1. The four key metrics you need to drive digital solutions

2. How we deliver big growth with go to market strategy

3. Let us show you how we work with your company

4. An integrated media model you should be using

5. See the growth that our clients enjoy

6. Start free with our guide on the 13 blunders to bypass

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1. The Four Key Metrics that help guarantee growth

Get the sales success you want by using these four key metrics. Expect expansion and gear up for growth with this systematic solution. It will help you create more structured planning and put some rigour around results. If you want superior performance from your digital marketing campaigns then the Four Metrics are what you’re looking for.
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The Target

Are you chasing the right customers? In the right places? Are they ready to buy? Or are you wasting your money on tyre-kickers?

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The Offer

Is your offer better? Is it the right price? What extra value to your customers get? Why should they buy from you, rather than your competitor?

The Experience

The Experience

Is it sticky? Or do you leak customers like an old bucket? Can they see the next step? Can it load in under 3 seconds?

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Closing The Deal

How easily does your site convert visitors to sales? How quickly can they purchase once they decide to buy? Have you tested it?

It’s the perfect planning and evaluation tool

Whether you’re a small online reseller, small business, mid sized marketer or an enterprise ecommerce organisation, the rules are the same. It doesn’t matter what media channels you use, what marketing strategy B2B or B2C, what products you sell or how you quantify success, get these four metrics right and you’ll grow your company’s business.

Come see us and we’ll show you how the Four Metrics deliver for your business

This is how it works

Here’s a snapshot of the approach we’ll apply to your business

2. It’s about knowing who to target, what to offer, managing their experience and closing the sale

The Target

Who are you talking to? Why are they interested in your product? Where do they shop? Why do they need your product to make their lives better?

If you’re not talking to the right people, you’re really not talking to anyone that matters. So how do you find the right target and keep talking to them? Which affluent audience are you missing? Ask us and we’ll show you how data driven analytics makes the critical difference. If you know who they are, we can reach them more effectively.

The Offer

Don’t tell them. Sell them. They have a need and you have the answer. Don’t just waft a product past them, put the bait right under their nose. The right audience are bombarded with messages all day so make yours cut through.

We’ve got 12 years experience optimising offerings and bringing the science that counts to the table. From your product titles and descriptions, to your Google Shopping feed, to Adwords, Search and SEO, we bring all our specialist experience to bear for companies of all kinds.

FREE ADVICE – Spend some time with customers to discover exactly what the pain points are within the user experience. Stop looking for good and start looking for bad. That’s often where the gains are. Once you’ve got a little momentum, you can capitalise and go for the growth you’d really like to see.


Look at the way you search yourself. So often it’s a bunch of words you’ve thrown together to describe what you need. Keywords are the same. They’re not based on product headings or neatly organised structures, so widen your key word strategy and use more adjectives, you might have been missing more people than you think.

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The Experience

The moment of truth. You’ve earned their attention, don’t waste it. Make sure they know they’ve come to the right place. Make it load fast. Make it easy to navigate. And once you have their interest, keep their attention. Reward them every step of the way. All the way to the sale.

Getting the user experience right, on the path to purchase, is often the difference between decent conversion rates and a great one. Analytical tools are your friend here and we’ll show you how we use them to dynamic effect.

Getting it Done

You’ve got the right person. You’ve sold the right message. They’re ready to buy. Make the next step easy. Easy to see. Easy to fill in. Easy to convert. There’s nothing more frustrating than getting people into your sales funnel and watching them disappear. Learn the tricks to make them click. And click again.

With vast experience across ecommerce and Google Shopping, we focus on what you focus on – getting the sale. And once we’re doing that right we’ll show you how to amplify those results big time.

3. “Can you grow my business online?” We can do more than that.

We share your goals and aspirations. We want what you want, because your growth helps drive ours. It’s why many clients are turning to us to be their digital marketing agency. What’s more, they enjoy the experience.


You’re important to us

When you work with SHOUT you’ll have your own specific Account Manager as your consultant. One point of contact makes life easier for everyone.


Advice that matters

SHOUT’s multi-disciplinary experts will help you in every facet of digital marketing. Our experience is the difference between thinking it will work and knowing it.


Planning with Purpose

You tell us what growth you want, and we’ll show get you there. As cost effectively as possible and as quickly as possible.


Critical Thinking

Backed by the data that counts, we suggest strategies and action points based on cold hard facts and the knowledge our experience brings.


Mixed Channel Media

We’ll show you how to share your marketing across multiple mediums to maximise your returns and send ROI off the charts.


Reporting Regularly

You need to see the proof, we get that. And the numbers don’t lie. Regular concise reporting, in easy to read formats, keeps everyone up to speed with progress.


Going For Gold

What’s good can be great. Testing A/B alternatives in your marketing gives us a load of learning for little cost. Test and roll is how we roll.


Regular Dialogue

We’re invested in your success and we treat you that way. Regular, concise communications ensures nothing gets missed or mixed up.


Growth growth growth

You set the targets and we’ll reach them. Need that in the contract? No problem. We set KPI’s together and celebrate the milestones along the way.


We’ll show you why our top priority is your bottom line

    4. PESO – how multiple media executions can drive the growth you’re looking for

    PESO is a valuable tool used to create sales funnels that convert, and continue converting. Whether you refer to it as your sales funnel, your user experience, your path to purchase or your road to riches, it’s about understanding what media works best to hit the right people, with the best message, in the most appropriate place. And get them interested and engaged enough to turn a visit into a sale.

    Most digital marketing agencies have a couple key areas they like to focus on because that’s what they do best. Like B2B Marketing Strategy and Email Marketing Strategy. This might be Ok in the short term and give your sales a lift, but for sustained growth that continually pays for itself you need to use differing sales techniques, a variety of media channels and different combinations of those media channels to get the long term sales success you crave.

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    Media Relations, Bloggers, Social Influencers

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    Detractors, Loyaltists, Advocates

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    Charities, Communities, Co-Branding, Sponsorships

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    Social Media

    Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Pinterest

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    Expert, Employees, Customers, User-Generated, Reviews, Webinars

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    Afiliates, Ambassadors, Sponsored, Native, Exit Intent, Landing Pages

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    Paid Media

    Sponsored Posts, Facebook ads, Fan Acquisition, Stories

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    5. Here’s how we turned good growth into great growth for some of our clients

    Counting the cost of clicks

    Moula Money were a financial services start up with a high cost-per-click rate and a relatively poor conversion rate. A Conversion Rate Optimisation Strategy was designed that began with a redefinition of the target audience to improve lead quality. Marketing an improved offer to a redefined audience drastically improved their leads and a revised user experience led to a vastly improved conversation rate with Cost Per Click coming down enormously. With an instant jump in sales and a reduced campaign price Moula Money could then really invest for more growth with confidence. We increased their conversion rate by 84% and lowered their cost per click by 62%. They also got 125% additional sales per month, and their overall brand awareness increased by 15x.

    Upskilling through Social Media

    Upskill Learning is a lead aggregator and reseller of education courses in the Building and Entrepreneur spaces. With a youth audience, they had a marketing strategy social media focus though Facebook and Instagram but costs per lead had tripled in just 6 months! The problem? Ad fatigue. We undertook a comprehensive revision of all creative, enlarging and diversifying their Facebook and Instagram Ads Library. We rebuilt Unbounce lead gen pages and aligned CRM data better. We started an extensive retargeting campaign and there was much much more. The results were amazing, their Cost per lead reduced from $600 to $122, overall leads grew from 79 per month to over 500 per month, and more than 30 leads closed per month.

    Repco powers ahead

    Repco had a fabulous bricks and mortar offering but just 1/14th of the web traffic of its leading competitor. That’s 50,000 visits a month compared to 700,000. With estimates for over $1M for a paid search marketing program, we determined that using SEO Search Engine Optimisation and spending more on web development was a smarter way to hit targets for less cost. And then have a site that’s geared for growth. Working closely with IT, Web developers and designers through the wire frame stage, and into design stage, we made sure the Search Engine Optimisation changes were fully functional. From there it was redesigning 680 page templates, inserting a mere 35,000 keywords and as new internal linking structure. It sounds complicated but the results are easy to understand. Their revenue growth doubled, their increase in organise sessions went up 5x, and overall there was a 300% increase in local instore conversions.

    From baby steps to giant growth

    Baby Bunting were using social media heavily but it wasn’t converting to sales. They wanted to grow online turnover from $4m to $50m in five years. Big numbers, but we love that. It was clear early on that engagement was low. We created a social media strategy that included developing and amplifying direct response social advertising, prospecting to a new customer bases, local area marketing around stores, specific product offers and last purchase targeting.

    Social Media is all about building, engaging and connecting with your community, so we targeted current customers aligning social to loyalty and custom emails with specific offers to loyalty members and new purchasers. Community management plans include researching topics and creating marketing strategy content, seeding across content channels. Amplification of content in channel to promote discounts and offers to the follower base and prospects, and Baby Bunting started to really grow!

    We make your bottom line our top priority

    Across all disciplines. All media. Whether it’s a marketing strategy for B2B, optimisation executions, sales tactics or just plain advice, we turn customers around. We listen, we learn and we understand the problems. We’ve got the tools that tell us what we need to know, and the experience to optimise that knowledge.

    And we can show you how to grow your business with a three year plan that sets out your success on paper. Want to get 800% ROAS? No problem. Triple your turn over? Sure thing. Turn SEM into SEO and save a small fortune? We can do that too.

    We’ll put together a three-year marketing strategy plan to grow your business exponentially

      Average conversion rates are 1-2%. Which is a sad reality. Shout clients convert as high as 25%. We help our clients develop a unique position and offer, create highly converting landing pages, develop sales funnels and use sophisticated analytical software that enables us to do deep ongoing optimisations. CRO is one of the best

      We will make the process of moving SEO companies easy for you. And ensure that the process is quick as possible. And onboard your account quickly and effectively to ensure that there is no disruption to your campaigns.

      Often when SEO has not worked with a previous agency there are flaws in the campaign that need to be uncovered. Our technicians will perform a deep forensic audit of your website, your keyword mapping and current search engine rankings, onsite optimisation and links. Here we will run a swot analysis and uncover the weaknesses of the current campaign.

      Shout Agency’s CRO services are delivered in relation to paid search performance campaigns. We do work with ecommerce clients by making specific recommendations on landing page optimisation and sales cart abandonment, and work with clients developers to make these adjustments. In these cases also, we can use Optimizely to be able to make CSS changes without needing developer input.

      We have strategies that will boost conversion rates in the first 6 weeks. Once we have onboarded your paid search campaign, build landing pages and configured analytics correctly, you should see an uplift in conversions. In addition, marketing automation and sequences should be built to really ramp up the recency and frequency that you have with your audience.

      6. Plot your way around the 13 popular pitfalls. Download our free guide and start setting yourself up for success.

      There are so many reasons businesses don’t get the success they should. Some are unavoidable. Some aren’t. Find simple wisdom from online experts and find the things to fix and get your business booming.

      13 simple strategies uncovered
      You’ll discover the 13 big hurdles to online success and how to get over them. Sourced from over ten years’ real experience working with many of Australia’s online success stories. Find the road blocks you need to get rid of and get found faster, get better engagement, and get your conversion rate climbing.

      It’s not just than theory
      You’ll read genuine case studies with valuable insight. From businesses big and small, businesses like yours, and people like you. Convert theory into knowledge, knowledge into action, and actions into sales.

      Make campaigns work
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