August 3, 2020

Google Shopping Pros and Cons

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Michael Jenkins
Michael Jenkins

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Google shopping is one of the most powerful traffic sources for eCommerce site owners. While there are a number of pros and cons to being listed on Google shopping, very few articles discuss the pros and cons of multiple listings.
Below we discuss this in further detail to help you understand how to best use the listings on Google shopping Australia when you have numerous similar products on your eCommerce store.

Multiple Google Shopping Listings

Google Shopping

Dominate Search Results
The obvious thing that most businesses want to do is dominate search results for their product lines. What better way to make money then by taking up positions 1-5 on Google Shop. Like a search engine marketers dream come true. This is the easiest way to convince consumers that your product is the best. No other valid options appear.
Showcase your range of products
Domination is not the only thing that you should be focusing on with multiple listings. Additionally, multiple listings help you display your full product line on the Google Shop. Not only can consumers check out their favourite product, but also newer and better versions of the product. Like a portfolio directly on Google of your products.

Multiple Listings Cons

Google Shop
Google Shopping 3
Google Shopping 4

People will skip your product.
One of the biggest problems when people see multiple options for a product on a Google shop is they suffer from something called the paradox of choice. Essentially, when a website has multiple options, people get confused and walk away. However, when they have one product on a page, clients have only two option: buy or walk away. The same thing works when they see the same product from the same vendor on Google Shopping Australia. Too much hassle to deal with sorting through everything. They want simple and easy to follow directions.
Additionally people might buy your cheaper priced products
Another challenge with having multiple products on the same page is when you have multiple prices for similar products. Consumers might not want to pay more for what they perceive to be similar valued products on a list. This could decrease your total revenue if prospects were searching for your product on Google Shopping in the first place. This is true as well when you do not have a clean sweep of the listings.For example, why spend $119.99 on Windows 8.1 at Microsoft if you can get it for $89.99 at Tiger Direct. What makes the Microsoft version more expensive?

Might have additional clicks on PPC campaign
Another challenge is that your site might have to pay more for Google Shopping Ads. Considering the fact that the average Shop ad is $.77 per click, it is very possible that your ad budget can drastically increase. Remember that your customers might now click on multiple product listings of yours to shop around for products. This means each click reduces your profitability.

Increase your exposure on the Google Shop
Now that we know the pros and cons, let’s talk about the best methods for improving your results on Google shopping. While a number of factors are needed, two specifically make a difference: the title tags and keywords.
Optimize title tags – The most important thing you need to do is create a relevant title tag. For example, look at the flat TV screen options below:

The right title tags can help your product be found. This is the primary tag Google uses to determine what products you want to sell under which keywords.
Keyword terms – However, title tags alone are not enough. You also need to use additional keywords, so your product can be found for various Google shopping searches. All of these TV’s have specific product names like Sony XBR-85X950B and Vizio 50 Inch LED Smart TV. The product name is useful, so people can find these specific products on the Google Shop. The keyword terms that a product uses can help it be found for terms like “flat screen tv when their Title tag is Sony XBR-85X950B.

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