February 3, 2020

Post Purchase EDM Communications

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Michael Jenkins
Michael Jenkins

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How to use post-purchase EDM communications effectively

Marketers have a tendency to fixate on conversions and sales. That’s great, but it’s also important to remember that your marketing efforts don’t end when you get your customers over your sales line.

Many marketers are guilty of neglecting the part that comes after the sale is closed—the post-purchase part of the customer journey. This is a big mistake.

Figures tell us that 30% of online purchases get returned, and that rate is even higher during the holiday period. If you want to keep that figure down, a smart post-purchase marketing strategy is essential.

Post Purchase EDM Communications

Not only that, but sending out post-purchase communications to your customers can also be a great way to bolster customer loyalty, improve your brand image, and secure repeat business. And for many businesses, that repeat business is crucial. After all, 61% of SMBs report that over half their revenue comes from returning customers.

In this article, we’re going to be showing you how to use post-purchase EDM communications effectively.

What are EDM communications?

EDM stands for Electronic Direct Mail. It’s a term often used interchangeably with email marketing but, while similar, there are a few nuanced differences between them. While both involve sending email communications with the goal of converting sales or building brand loyalty, EDM campaigns tend to be more hyper-targeted to very specific users. 

EDM communications are also often talked about in a more holistic sense as part of a broader campaign and typically utilize other communication channels, like social media and remarketing, to reinforce the campaign message.

Alright, now that’s covered, let’s look at 7 post-purchase EDM communications strategies that can help you to create repeat business and customer loyalty.

1. Use your email receipts wisely

Did you know that email receipts have a 50% higher open rate than the average email? That means that 50% more people will be looking at that email than other promotional emails you send out—you can’t afford to waste an opportunity like that.

Your email receipt can be so much more than a piece of paper documenting a transaction. You can get creative with it and use it to upsell related products, ask for feedback, promote your social channels or store events, or anything else you can think of.

“It’s also important to make sure your brand voice is coming through on the copy in your email receipts and use it as an opportunity to reassure your customers that they made the right choice.”

Michael Jenkins

You could even encourage your customers to share their purchase on their social media accounts by including some social share buttons and an incentive, like a freebie or exclusive discount code. Use your imagination!

2. Cross-sell similar products

Your customers have already bought something from you, so why stop there? They might be on a shopping spree and be ready to spend more. We can use that to our advantage and send out a follow-up email to cross-sell other products and earn immediate repeat business.

Personalization is key here. Use their purchase history to cross-sell complementary products that they might need.

They just bought a computer mouse? Suggest a mouse pad. You can use data to inform these automated emails and compile a list of recommendations based on what other customers bought next.

Don’t wait too long to send this, you’ve got to take advantage of that post-purchase excitement before it fades away.

3. Provide fulfillment information

Fulfillment emails provide your customers with important information about their product delivery. They’re an essential post-purchase EDM communication for providing a positive customer experience.

Nobody likes to be left in the dark wondering what happens next after they’ve bought something. They want to know when it will arrive and how it will get there. By sending this information out promptly after the order, you’ll be assuring your customers that they’re in safe hands and thus reduce buyer’s remorse.

4. Send a thank-you email

You can also send a separate thank you email for that added personal touch. A thank you email makes the recipient feel like their custom is appreciated, which can improve customer loyalty and keep them coming back.

5. Send a product how-to

Depending on the type of products you’re selling, you might want to send a follow-up email with a product how-to guide. This might be a maintenance guide or an installation video. You’re anticipating problems your customers might have when they receive their product and proactively taking measures to address them.

These kinds of communications help to ensure happy customers and reduce the chance of returns.

6. Ask for feedback

Another EDM communication you might want to send is a request for feedback or a product review. The benefits of this are threefold:

  • Your customer feels like their opinion is valued and that you care about their experience
  • It helps you to gather important data about your products and customers
  • It provides you with powerful social proof that you can add to your product pages to improve conversions.

7. Send replenishment reminders

Replenishment reminders are communications that you send to your customers much later – way after their initial purchase – to remind them that their replenishable product is about to run out.

Obviously, it only works for certain kinds of products, but it can be a really smart way to get repeat business.

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