October 22, 2015

Marketing on Facebook: Features You May Not Have Noticed

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Are you marketing your business on Facebook?
Want to learn some cool new features that can help you do it better?
Facebook has snuck some valuable features for marketing. We say they snuck it in because they aren’t obvious and not all social media marketers are using them or know about them. The good news is that you’re about to find out what they are, so you can get ahead of them.

Spy on Competitors’ Pages

Facebook has hidden some awesome information at the bottom of your Insights page – metrics for competitors’ pages. You’ll be able to see how many likes posts receive and how much engagement the pages are getting.
You can use this information to figure out which pages you should spy on to see the posts that are outperforming others. If you look carefully at all of the posts, you will probably see that there’s a certain type that does the best.
Use that information to start publishing posts similar to them. In most cases, this is enough to get your likes and engagement up.

Website Click Count

This is a brand new feature that just rolled out. You can now keep track of website clicks. When someone comes to your Facebook page and then clicks on the website link, you can count that as a conversion. It’s a great way to see how Facebook generates leads for you.

What’s even better is that you can see who has clicked on the website link. If you follow up with those people, you may just help them enough to make them want to make a purchase.

Invite Email Contacts to Like Your Page

Most people know that they can invite their friends to like a page, but they don’t know they can invite their email contacts. All you have to do is go to the Facebook business page, click on the ellipsis (the three dots) and then choose the Invite Email Contacts button.
You will then be asked how you want to import your contacts. Identify the contact list you want and then confirm it by pressing on Invite Contacts.

Did you know that it’s not just your email contacts you can use for this? You can use your email list! Yes, all of those contacts you have in MailChimp or other service you use can be imported into Facebook and then they can be invited to like the page.
Just know that Facebook only allows you to invite 5,000 contacts a day. You may have to split them up because of that.

FREE Images

You can’t get too many things for free anymore, right? Well, if you buy ads with Facebook, you can get the images for free. This saves you time and money trying to find relative images somewhere else.
All you have to do is go to the Facebook image library during your ad setup. There are thousands of images available from Shutterstock.
Here’s the problem: You can’t use all of them. Facebook has some strict guidelines when it comes to images. Be sure to read their guidelines carefully, so you don’t waste time picking the wrong images.

Relevance Scores for Ads

We all love to know what is going on with our ads when we buy them. Facebook has implemented a Relevance Score to help you do that. The best way to use it is to keep an eye on it.
When you start to see that the relevance is going down, you may need to tweak the ad to make it more relevant to your audience. As you adjust it, you’ll start to see what works and what doesn’t work. It’s really a great tool!

There’s a secret though…Many marketers don’t know about it because it’s not available by default. You have to go into Facebook Page settings to check it off.

Facebook Post Scheduler

You may use Hootsuite, Buffer, or some other social media post scheduler, but you may find that Facebook is all you need for posting on the social network. What’s great about Facebook’s scheduler is that you can backdate posts, so they appear in your timeline earlier.
Of course, you can schedule posts for a few days out as well. You can then go in and see all of the ones that are scheduled, make edits to them, delete them, or change their publish dates. It’s a handy tool that most marketers don’t know about it because they are focused on their regular scheduler.

Saved Replies

Are you sick of typing the same answers to customers? You can save time by using the Saved Replies feature. Just got to the Messages area, click on a message and then click on Manage Replies to see all of the replies you’ve already saved or make a new one. This feature has a feature within in – search for replies by keyword.
If you have so many replies that you can’t browse through them to find the one you need, just search for one or more words and a list of messages will come up for you to use.

Just be sure to adjust the messages before sending. While it’s nice to have the replies ready to go, you probably need to personalize them just a little before hitting send. It still beats writing them all over again.

Multi-Product Ads

This feature is great for e-Commerce because you give your audience more than just one product to admire in your ad. Users love these ads because they can quickly see what you have to offer.
You will love this because if you don’t capture their attention with one product, you may with another one. Your chances of conversion are much higher.

Just set this up with Facebook’s Power Editor as you’re creating your ads. Fight the urge to add a ton of products. Play around with two, three, etc. until you find which number works best for you.

Start Using the Facebook Features Most Don’t Know About

You have been given a gift – knowledge. Now that you know about some new features, go have fun. You may not see the whole value of them now, but in time, we think you will.
Before you know it, you’ll probably see your reach increase and the engagement skyrocket because you’re savvier with your Facebook marketing skills.

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