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    These happy clients demand the best manufacturing digital marketing in Australia


    Our manufacturing SEO couldn't produce better results.

    Whatever your business produces, customer satisfaction is critical. It’s the same with the marketing we produce. We’re so focused on achieving measurable results for manufacturers, we guarantee them. Give us 30 minutes to show what we can do for you.

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    Michael Jenkins
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    A manufacturing marketing process that makes the grade.

    If you’re a manufacturer looking to grow your business, our IT marketing process was made for you.


    Tailor made

    Whatever you make and sell, effective marketing is crucial to obtaining more quality leads, expanding into new and renewed client bases, and increasing revenue. At Shout, we consult with you to really understand your niche, so we can use strategies suited to your business.


    Made in Australia

    The ideal strategy for manufacturing businesses depends on your brand and ambitions. An Instagram profile might be perfect for a clothing manufacturer, while a blog might be valuable for a carpet manufacturer. Our on-shore experts will create a strategy, made to work for you.


    Made for ROI

    We’re laser-focused on results at Shout, and implement tactics proven to bring in buyers and grow your bottom line – like leveraging keywords to help you be found online, publishing content on blogs, Google ads plus videos or virtual tours to showcase your products.


    Made to be flexible

    Nothing is static. At Shout, we won’t just create a website or marketing campaign and leave you to make it work. We’re always in the back end using analytics to monitor, manage and modify our executions to keep you on top of Google, and ahead of your competitors.

    Want to construct a solid manufacturing marketing campaign?

    Call the experts. We’ll draft the plan, built the strategy and carry out the maintenance – to ensure solid foundations and enduring results.

    Manufacturing marketing that makes a profit.

    Don’t just make products and sales. Make a true impact on your bottom line. At Shout, we know whatever you manufacture, you’re in business to grow your business. So, partner with our experts, and we’ll continue building your empire together.

    The first goal is to get you ranked on the front page of Google searches. This is where anyone looking for what you have to offer will start looking. Unfortunately, for too many manufacturers, it's also where those potential customers stop looking. We make sure you get onto the front page of google - and let you know how to stay there. It's just part of the holistic strategy we can create for your business, linking the many different channels you have to choose from to ensure you reach more possible customers, attract more visitors to your website, and convert a higher percentage of those visitors into sales.

    We’re ready to build something big with you.

    Get set, ready and go with our search engine optimisation packages, designed for businesses throughout Melbourne and wider Australia. As online traffic continues to soar, there’s never been a better time to get ahead of your competition

    The best team in the industry.

    Industry leading channels.

    Be seen where it counts. Using a considered mix of Google Ads, content marketing, SEO, SEM, social media, email marketing, and creative services, Shout knows how to make digital work for manufacturing.

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    Industry-leading strategies.

    From the branding, design and download speeds on your site, to ensuring prospects find you first on Google, your manufacturing marketing strategy is tailored to your business, and your goals.

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    Industry-leading results.

    Whether you’re managing a manufacturing plant and want to raise awareness for international suppliers or clients, call the agency that’s as focused on your results and growth as you.

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    Results worth shouting about

    Looking for a growth-focused manufacturing marketing agency?

    Manufacturing marketing FAQs

    We answer a few of the more common questions around manufacturing marketing. Anything you want to know that we haven’t covered here? Just give us a shout.

    This is the process of promoting a manufacturer’s products to a target audience deemed likely to buy those goods.

    Its purpose is to reach more consumers, obtain more quality leads, gain increased revenue, and expand further into a new or renewed client base.

    When marketing for manufacturers, it’s important that the media suits the product you’re trying to sell, and the target who is most likely to buy.

    One of the main strategies proven to work includes leveraging keywords using SEO (search engine optimisation), which helps Google discover people searching for products like yours.

    Publishing content via blogs and websites is also a great way to deliver thought leadership in the space, and educate prospects about your products and processes.

    While social media is an effective place to humanise your brand, clients can engage in real-time interactions, videos and virtual tours that highlight your product.

    These techniques have a positive effect on manufacturers because it leads to more conversions, makes potential clients aware of your brand, and enhances customer loyalty.

    Everyone starts a product search online, which makes manufacturing SEO critical to your success. Social media engagement is critical for almost any business in today’s environment. While educating consumers though readily accessible articles is key to understanding a manufacturer’s value.

    It’s also important that marketing executions are optimised for mobile consumption. While retargeting gives businesses a unique opportunity to get a second chance with your target audience you thought you’d lost.

    They’re all strategies you can’t achieve with traditional marketing.

    Every strategy and execution is designed to help your business to move forward, rather than stagnate. And the long-term result is greater, faster growth for your business.

    Much of a manufacturer’s marketing is B2B (business to business), and this is best achieved through a variety of strategies.

    These include creating industry-focused digital content to showcase your knowledge in the sector, video marketing strategies to highlight new processes or products, maintaining a well-structured, fully optimised website, plus monitoring and using analytics to measure (and improve on) your results.

    At Shout, we’re experts in delivering successful B2B marketing for manufacturers of all kinds.

    A manufacturer is any person or company that makes finished products and sells them, so this encompasses many types of businesses.

    Some examples include:

    • Bakeries

    • Automotive companies

    • Food manufacturers

    • Consumer electronic companies

    • Appliance makers

    • Furniture designers

    • Carpet manufacturers

    • Clothing and textile companies

    • Shoemakers

    • Tailors

    • Medical appliance technicians

    • Jewellers

    • Metalworkers

    • Machinists

    • Printers

    • Upholsterers

    • Welders

    • Woodworkers

    • Toymakers

    Marketing for these industries mostly comprises B2B strategies, however, some marketing is direct to the public.

    This is your big plan, and the first step to marketing success.

    A well-established digital marketing strategy uses a variety of methods to reach a wider audience. This includes SEO, paid search, blog content, an optimised website and social media interaction.

    At Shout, we work hard to make your brand be seen, using an industrial marketing strategy best suited to your business. And we’ll work like an extension of your company, towards your business goals.

    There is no one perfect strategy for your manufacturing business – it depends on your product and proposed outcome.

    While engagement on Instagram or creating blog content may work for some companies, it may not be relevant to others. While video may be beneficial to showcase the technological advancements of some manufacturers, it won’t be helpful to others.

    A tailored marketing approach is always best, so ask how we can work out a successful strategy for your brand, maximising your sales team.

    Anytime you want to increase sales, create brand awareness, retain potential customers and continue to build your brand. But a great marketing strategy is ‘always on’. After all, is there a time you don’t want to boost your sales and grow your business?

    That’s why an effective marketing plan is never ‘set and forget’. Once your campaign is set up and running, continued monitoring is key to ensuring your strategy is always working at 100%.

    If anything in the digital environment changes (including Google who likes to update its own guidelines often), or there’s a big shift in the manufacturing sector or even a shift in buyer behaviour, we can pivot quickly to ensure you’re always ahead of your competitors.

    That’s how a professional manufacturing marketing agency can help you maximise your marketing investment, and stay on top.

    Where a relationship is built on trust, digital marketing helps manufacturers connect with B2B and B2C (business to consumer) audiences.

    Through advertising, engagement and storytelling, provides the opportunity to elevate your products and your brand. Earn trust. Understand the value of your processes. And define your unique selling proposition.

    All this enables you to differentiate yourself from your competitors and secure your place with prospects as a preferred manufacturer.

    Yes, all marketing efforts that are done well works – producing more leads, sales and business growth.

    A manufacturing company will often convert leads to sales by doing special offers for new customers that see them engaging with your brand. Alternatively, using the same strategies for existing customers can also help ensure greater loyalty.

    The expert Shout team can help you create, manage, monitor and measure a successful manufacturing marketing campaign. In fact, we’ll do all this while you focus on your business.

    Digital marketing for manufacturers includes using various strategies, including infographics, webpages, apps, presentations, blogs, PPC ads, videos and information sharing and engagement on social media. Not every option is right for every company, so we set out to achieve what is suitable for your brand and how it wants to move forward.

    In the current societal expectations, consumers want engagement with brands they are seeking to buy from. Digital marketing goes a long way towards engaging with consumers in a way that feels personal to them and works towards converting follows into sales. So, yes, digital marketing for manufacturers is essential for brand awareness.

    Marketing tactics for a manufacturing business looks like anything that makes sense for your business.

    Manufacturing marketing relates to:

    • A well-structured web design

    Remarketing and retargeting strategies

    • Engagement on social media

    • Action focused landing pages

    • Thought leadership blogs

    • Email data marketing

    • Instructional videos

    SEO content writing

    • Educational infographics

    • Mobile SEO

    • Creative PPC and Google Ads

    • Marketing automation

    • B2B content marketing

    • Google penalty assessments

    • Reputation management

    Not every option is right for every company, so we set out to utilise channels and tactics suitable for your brand, and how it wants to move forward.

    It may be one, or a mix of services, depending on your marketing investment and business needs. Talk to us today about your digital requirements, target audience and future goals.

    With current societal expectations, consumers want engagement with brands they are seeking to buy from. For instance, you can interact with prospects on social media, but not on a print ad.

    Advertising on search goes a long way towards engaging with consumers in a way that feels personal to them. This then works towards converting follows, likes and website traffic into sales.

    Plus, you can measure web traffic from a paid search ad or email marketing, but not from methods such as TV ads, flyers or word of mouth.

    Online tactics offer a manufacturing company all sorts of benefits that enable them to see exactly where their investment is working, or where it can work harder to get website traffic. Plus, it’s where the entire global audience is. You just need to target the relevant ones (and our strategies can help you do just that).

    If you’re looking to boost your awareness, hot leads, product sales and business growth, just Shout.

    Our specialists have been leading the industry in marketing for over 10 years, for manufacturers large and small. Whether you’re looking to go national, global or even stay local, our bespoke strategies will get you there.

    We’ve proven ourselves time and time again with marketing strategies that deliver real results. Take a look at our case studies to see what we’ve delivered for companies like yours.

    We’re so confident in our approach, we guarantee the results we forecast. We set achievable targets to ensure you make real progress with your marketing investment, whether it’s a simple social campaign, website redesign or complete strategy overhaul.

    So, you’ll get more than a nice-looking website or attention-grabbing Google Ads. You’ll get a tailored strategy for your manufacturing business designed to bring you improved ROI.

    And because Shout offers the complete package under one roof, you won’t need separate advertising agencies. We do it all when it comes to manufacturer marketing strategies and we can’t wait to see what we can do for your business.

    But first thing’s first. See how you can receive your free X-Chart below, which is your tailored sales growth forecast. It’s in writing, it’s guaranteed, and there’s no obligation to take up our services. So, what are you waiting for? 

    See where the best in manufacturing marketing can take your business in just a few short months.

    Invaluable insights

    Marketing insight collection from the digital marketing industry, google algorithm changes, client case studies and proven marketing strategies that will improve your digital marketing campaigns.

    Imagine how guaranteed sales would change your marketing strategy.


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