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    Our manufacturing SEO couldn't produce better results.

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    Michael Jenkins

    Michael Jenkins
    Digital Strategist

    A manufacturing marketing process that makes the grade

    If you’re a manufacturer looking to grow your business, our digital marketing process was made for you.


    Tailor made

    Whatever you make and sell, effective digital marketing is crucial to obtaining more quality leads, expanding into new and renewed client bases, and increasing revenue. At Shout, we consult with you to really understand your niche, so we can use strategies suited to your business.


    Made in Australia

    The ideal strategy for manufacturing businesses depends on your brand and ambitions. An Instagram profile might be perfect for a clothing manufacturer, while a blog might be valuable for a carpet manufacturer. Our on-shore experts will create a digital marketing strategy, made to work for you.


    Made for ROI

    You market your business to grow your business. We’re laser focused on results at Shout, and implement tactics proven to bring in buyers and grow your bottom line – like leveraging keywords to help you be found online, publishing content on blogs, Google ads plus videos or virtual tours to showcase your products.


    Made to be flexible

    Nothing is static. At Shout, we won’t just create a website or marketing campaign and leave you to make it work. We’re always in the back end using analytics to monitor, manage and modify our executions to keep you on top of Google, and ahead of your competitors.

    Want to construct a solid manufacturing marketing campaign?

    Set up an SEO consultation and one of our SEO digital strategists can talk you through how we work and how effective good SEO can be for your business, how easy it is to align an effective SEO campaign to your existing digital strategy, and how many times better you can expect your online marketing to be.

    Manufacturing marketing that makes a profit.

    Shout's SEO, SEM, CRO and sales leads specialists make the perfect partner for any manufacturing business looking to grow their business, grow their customer base or simply want to raise awareness online. We use search engine optimisation strategies that work - and can give you a clear expectation of the sort of increased returns you should expect from each SEO campaign. We work with you to create a co-ordinated marketing plan - making sure each aspect of your digital marketing campaign works with every other aspect to drive visits, increase engagement and turn visits into sales or warm leads for your sales team.

    The first goal is to get you ranked on the front page of Google searches. This is where anyone looking for what you have to offer will start looking. Unfortunately, for too many manufacturers, it's also where those potential customers stop looking. We make sure you get onto the front page of google - and let you know how to stay there. It's just part of the holistic strategy we can create for your business, linking the many different channels you have to choose from to ensure you reach more possible customers, attract more visitors to your website, and convert a higher percentage of those visitors into sales.

    We’re ready to build something big with you.

    Get set, ready and go with our search engine optimisation packages, designed for businesses throughout Melbourne and wider Australia. As online traffic continues to soar, there’s never been a better time to get ahead of your competition

    The best team in the industry.

    Be seen in all the right places

    Shout knows how to make digital work for manufacturing and use a considered mix of Adwords, content marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media, email marketing, and creative services.

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    Shout makes digital work for manufacturing

    We look at everything to make your digital marketing better. From branding to design to download speeds – we look at how the site design makes it easier to be found and help people find what they’re looking for.

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    The right site is just the start

    Whether you’re managing a manufacturing plant and need new business customers or want to raise awareness for international suppliers or clients, call the people who make digital marketing work for you. Shout.

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    Results worth shouting about

    Looking for a growth-focused manufacturing marketing agency?

    Manufacturing marketing FAQs

    We’ve compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions to help make your decision easier. Of course, if there are questions not included here, feel free to contact us and we will answer any questions you might have.

    Marketing in manufacturing is a crucial process where a business in this industry is where you advertise to or engage with your clients over several digital platforms. Its purpose is to reach more consumers, obtain more quality leads, gain increased revenue, and expand further into a new or renewed client base.

    When marketing for a manufacturing company, strategies proven to work are leveraging keywords using SEO, PPC, Google and social media ads. Other successful campaigns include published content via blogs and websites, humanising the brand via social media where clients can engage in real-time interactions and virtual-tours and videos to highlight products.

    Digital marketing for manufacturers has a positive effect on the company because it leads to more conversions, makes potential clients brand aware and enhances customer loyalty. It advantages the industry by helping your business to move forward and not stagnate. Want to know how we can help your company? Ask the Shout Digital team how.

    Much of manufacturers marketing is B2B and is best achieved through a variety of strategies. These include creating industry-focused digital content, video marketing strategies, using a regularly updated website, and monitoring and using analytics. At Shout Digital, we are experts in delivering B2B marketing to sell a product and brand awareness.

    A manufacturer is any person or company that makes products and sells them; this, therefore, means the type of businesses that do manufacturing marketing include:

    • Bakeries;
    • Food manufacturers;
    • Appliances;
    • Paper;
    • Wood;
    • Clothing and textiles; and
    • So much more!

    Marketing for these industries mostly use B2B strategies; however, some are direct to the public.

    A well-established digital marketing strategy uses a variety of options to reach a wider audience. This includes using keywords, SEO, PPC ads, blog content, regularly updated website, visibility, and social media interaction. At Shout Digital, we do everything we can to make your brand be seen, using strategies best suited to your business type.

    Anytime you want to increase sales, create brand awareness, retain customers and continue to build your brand is when manufacturing marketing should be used. At Shout Digital, our team knows the right type of strategies to help your business move forward and build trust with your goods buyers.

    Digital marketing helps manufacturers improve brand conversions and connect with both B2B and other consumers, where a relationship is built on trust. It is the opportunity to elevate your products and services use long-term strategies using a variety of formats. Ask our team how we can help your company move forward.

    Yes, any digital marketing that’s done well works and produces more leads. A manufacturing company will often generate leads to conversions by doing special offers for new customers that see them engaging with your brand. Alternatively, using the same strategies for existing customers can keep them interested in your product.

    Digital marketing for manufacturers includes using various strategies, including infographics, webpages, apps, presentations, blogs, PPC ads, videos and information sharing and engagement on social media. Not every option is right for every company, so we set out to achieve what is suitable for your brand and how it wants to move forward.

    In the current societal expectations, consumers want engagement with brands they are seeking to buy from. Digital marketing goes a long way towards engaging with consumers in a way that feels personal to them and works towards converting follows into sales. So, yes, digital marketing for manufacturers is essential for brand awareness.

    There is no one perfect strategy for manufacturing, and it depends on what your brand is and your proposed outcome. While engagement on Twitter and Instagram, and creating blog content may work for some companies, it may not be relevant to another. Ask how we can work out a strategy for your brand.

    Invaluable insights

    Marketing insight collection from the digital marketing industry, google algorithm changes, client case studies and proven marketing strategies that will improve your digital marketing campaigns.

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