June 15, 2016

Instagram Business Profiles

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Michael Jenkins
Michael Jenkins

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The new Instagram Business Profiles are opening up a lot of different avenues for companies to use the social network. From increasing your reach on the social network to monitoring he best approaches for marketing your business on Instagram, the new business profiles have something for everyone.
That is why we want to go over how Instagram business profiles work, and how you can benefit from them in your business.

What are Instagram Business Profiles?

Instagram business profiles are a series of tools available to businesses inside of the social network to get the most out of your social networking.
According to Instagram, they are a “free feature for accounts wanting to be recognised as a business on Instagram.”
These changes open up a lot of potential. Imagine receiving emails from customers directly from Instagram. Or tailoring your posts to the insights you garnered from the tool. Both are available with a business profile account.
In essence, the business profile provides you with a number of do-it-yourself tools to improve your Instagram marketing efforts.
Note: Instagram Business profiles should be rolled out in the next few months in the United States, Australia, and New Zealand. Then it will go global. Right now you might not be able to see it on your account. However, have some patience, and it will be there soon!

Benefiting from Instagram Business Profiles

  1. Contact Button- What if you could receive emails from prospects and customers directly from Instagram? The contact button grants you another avenue of communication with your prospects to ensure smooth communication.

You can also use the contact button to provide directions to your retail outlet, so your connections can drive to your store. It is important to remember that different companies have different engagement metrics.
Have a call-to-action relevant to your target market. Whether that is calling you on the phone or visiting your store. Now you have an option for everyone.

  1. Instagram Insights- Once you create content, you need analytics. Instagram helps you spend more in ads on their site by providing actionable information about your follower demographics, as well as the success of your Instagram posts.

This can help you understand when your posts do best on Instagram, so you can steadily gain followers and engagement. Additionally, you can see which posts are least likely to help your audience enjoy your information.
If you need help assessing how to best improve your results based on Instagram Insights feel free to give us a Shout! Our social media team can help you understand the information Instagram provides to improve your Instagram marketing efforts.

  1. Instagram Boosted Posts- Turn performing posts into ads in the Instagram app. Instagram understands not all posts are the same. You can now look back as far as you want to your Instagram posts to promote them as long as you benefit from the posts traffic.

You now have the opportunity to expand the reach of your best posts on the social network by promoting them to similar audiences. This is similar to the program Facebook uses to expand your reach, engagement, and profits.
Instagram is clearly following Facebook ads lead in the products they offer. Businesses. We discussed last week how the social network began offering Instagram Retargeted Ads. Now they added Instagram Boosted Posts.
It is clear you will see more Facebook ad type options on Instagram in the next few months. This can only be good news for those who jump in now to get the most out of the ads before the tidal wave of Instagram marketers start using the social network to expand their reach.

Final Thoughts

The new Instagram business profile offers a lot to business owners looking to take advantage of the social network. Plus, they should have more features in the coming months as Instagram improves upon their design.
For the current time, Instagram boosted posts, insights, and the contact button should be a great way to improve the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.
If you want to learn more about how we can help you use the Instagram Business Profiles, then feel free to reach out to us at 1300 360 037 to set up a free consultation session with our social media agency in Melbourne.


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    Book a free 45 minute consultation today.

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