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We'll take holistic care of your medical digital marketing.

In your industry, and ours, care is critical. That’s why our digital marketing specialists partner closely with you to identify where your business is hurting, and how our strategies can help you recover faster. Whether you’re a new practice building a patient database, or have a marketing emergency, Shout for our expert care.

Michael Jenkins

Michael Jenkins
Digital Strategist

The pain-free medical digital marketing process.

Have a digital marketing emergency? Put the call out to Shout's search engines experts.


Understand your pain points

First, we’ll consult with you on your needs and then perform a health check on your business. Which areas are looking healthy, and where do you need our care? At Shout, our expert team will use this data to create high performance, ethical medical marketing that drives business growth.


A holistic approach

There are many ways digital marketing can work for medical clinics, so we’ll employ what’s right for your practice. Like an automation solution that gives patients the info they need when they need it. SEO so you can be found where patients are looking, including in the local area. Or a multi-channel solution based on your specific goals.


The right treatment

Like yours, our professional methods are based on science too. We combine social media marketing, display advertising and local SEO rankings to get you in front of new audiences. We incorporate Google Ads and web design with consistent branding, understanding the complexities and legalities of pharmaceutical marketing if that’s your area.


Practice makes perfect

As your medical SEO partners, we’re here to elevate your practice with better search engine rankings. We don’t have patience for methods that don’t work, so if we find one execution working harder than another, or that Google has changed their search engine algorithm (again), we’ll attend to it, stat.

Get our powerful prescription for medical SEO services.

In a short consultation with one of our experts, we’ll touch on your business pain points and our holistic approach to improving the health of your medical digital marketing. It’s free, and the results we forecast are guaranteed.

SEO for medical websites makes everything better.

Better traffic to your medical web pages, better quality leads, better website traffic from search results, better growth for your business. Our medical search engine optimization experts use high-performance techniques to put your product or practice in front of potential clients faster than any other digital marketing service.

From local clinics to medical tourism information sites, our medical seo digital experts know how to get your offer to the top of the feeds and keep it there. Our dedicated SEO marketing experts can help you turn interested potential clients, and new community members into patients. It's high performance marketing for high performance teams. We use performance marketing techniques to put your product, or your service, in front of potential clients faster than any other digital marketing service. And ensure you get the patients you need to keep you, and your clinic, busy.

We’re ready to treat your medical SEO company emergencies.

Get set, ready and go with our search engine optimisation packages, designed for businesses throughout Melbourne and wider Australia. As online traffic continues to soar, there’s never been a better time to get ahead of your competition

Our medical SEO specialists are in the house.

Painless search.

Don’t do the hard yards looking for business. With our automation services, we’ll give patients who are looking for your services the right content marketing at the right time, to invite them into the clinic when they need you.

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Your local specialist.

Put your marketing investment where it matters, and not where it doesn’t. Our medical search engine optimization gives you the option of using local search to capture the people in your area looking for a nearby clinic.

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Tailored treatment.

Using a customised mix of social media marketing, display advertising and healthcare SEO, our medical marketing team will you in front of new audiences, and can provide peace of mind for existing patients.

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Results worth shouting about

Revive your presence on search engines with our healthcare SEO.

Medical digital marketing FAQs 

We answer a few of the more common questions around medical digital marketing. Anything you want to know that we haven’t covered here? Just give us a shout.

This is the combination of the normal marketing practices that every business needs to conduct in the modern world as well as science-based search engines strategies in order to help ensure the right health messages are reaching a wide audience. It uses traditional and digital channels to achieve these goals. That’s how we make an impact on Google search results, driving high-traffic medical keywords to create consistent results for medical marketing companies.

While at Shout, we’re not just a medical digital marketing agency, we do have a range of experience in digital medical marketing.

Some of our experience in the healthcare industry covers:

  • Medical SEO

  • Digital marketing for medical devices

  • Development and design for a medical website

  • Local SEO campaigns for direct impact on organic search results

  • Services specifically for a practice, hospital or treatment center.

The role of a medical marketing manager or director is to develop and implement marketing strategies for a wide range of different institutions like a:

  • hospitals

  • medical practice

  • aged care facility

  • allied health professional

  • doctor’s surgery and much more.

A medical SEO strategy executes these techniques through a variety of different platforms including web, email and social media. As well as some more traditional marketing channels too, such as posters, direct mail, television and newspapers.

At Shout, we consider ourselves to be specialists in medical digital marketing. So while we can help in the more traditional mediums, we tend to excel in the more specialised digital side of our client’s marketing plans. Specifically, we’ve focused lately on medical SEO and healthcare advertising.

These form a simple plan to develop and execute medical marketing plans. The 5 Ps include;

  1. People (how everyone in your business is perceived by the public), 

  2. Product (as well as services offered), 

  3. Price (for products and servicing), 

  4. Place (where people can access the marketing material) and 

  5. Promotion (including traditional and digital campaigns, sponsorships, public relations and social media). 

Some marketers have added 2 more Ps to this list to create the 7 Ps of medical marketing. Positioning and Packaging. However while these may be relevant to some medical products or services, they don’t apply to all. 

That always depends on the client and that client’s marketing goals, however, healthcare and medical services marketing is about more than simply promoting the sale of goods and services. A successful healthcare marketing plan needs to include specific objectives, missions and goals and the strategies and processes required to successfully educate the right audience and achieve these objectives and goals.

Furthermore, a successful medical marketing campaign understands the user’s need state, their emotional and rational triggers and can clearly articulate the product or service’s benefit to that user. A certain level or technical understanding is required, and the ability to translate that medical jargon into plain English is also a prerequisite.

Healthcare marketing for medical professionals is about ensuring your business is always;

  • Sending the right messaging to the right audience through local search results

  • Consistent whenever your branding appears on Google search to help reinforce your messages

  • Responsive and fast not only when it comes to in-person contact but especially on your company web pages

  • Using the very best medical SEO strategies to ensure your site is ranking highly in Google searches, possibly even supported by a suite of Google Ads. This is where a medical SEO company like Shout can help. 

And keep in mind, we don’t just offer medical marketing SEO services. We also specialise in all forms of digital medical marketing and often recommend other tactics to our medical clients. 

This is the process of using digital channels like email, social media, Google local search engine results, your medical website and more to connect your healthcare product or facility with the people most likely to need the services offered. This is not only about attracting new customers but ensuring the current customers are educated about your offering. 

Healthcare digital marketing can serve to;

  • Remind patients to attend regular checkups 

  • Inform customers about a new product

  • Send important health warnings

  • Request feedback in the form of a survey

  • Send offers, promotions and discounts and more.

Amplify your brand awareness, generate leads, drive traffic through honest medical SEO – that’s what we do for your business. At Shout, we believe is the end goal is always to get you conversions that bring value, so we’ll always aim high.

There are two different types of pharmaceutical marketing services. 

  1. The first is B2B and involves connecting pharmaceutical companies with medical professionals to try and market products to them. This type of marketing requires in-depth and specialist knowledge not only about the product, but why that product will benefit the medical practices. It’s a specific skill and a very specialised area of marketing.

  2. The other is B2C which is promoting these products to the people that may need them. This is challenging because there are restrictions on what you can and can’t do in these marketing strategies. Many legal requirements must be met when marketing pharmaceutical products to consumers. Often including a long list of disclaimers about potential side effects is mandatory, often a list of specific words must be used or avoided, and even the type of talent you cast in your pharmaceutical marketing campaigns have to meet strict criteria.

When it comes to healthcare, medical and pharmaceutical marketing, the stakes are very high. You’re not only under legal scrutiny, but lives are literally at risk with the wrong product for the wrong medical condition.

This type of marketing is often left to the healthcare SEO experts, like Shout, who have the necessary experience, contacts, checks and balances in place to ensure our campaigns go off without a hitch.

The standard rules of marketing apply, including a strong SEO services strategy to boost Google ranking factors and having a strong and responsive medical practice website. 

With pharmaceuticals, marketing strategies should also be about building relationships and connecting with customers emotionally. 

Medication is about giving back to the patient something they have lost. Whether that be freedom, independence, comfort, confidence or simply normality. These feelings, and this gift from a medication is a very powerful and emotional promise for a brand to make and shouldn’t be underestimated. 

Traditional methods to market a pharmaceutical company, like branded merchandise or free samples, should also be factored in when appropriate, legal and warranted. A product demonstration is always the best proof. But so too are patient testimonials, scientific proof and other avenues that can unlock the emotional triggers that will nudge a patient towards a purchase of your pharmaceutical product.

It is the role of a pharmaceutical marketer to ensure they are targeting those that prescribe medications, like doctors and other healthcare professionals, so that they are educated on the products and also their efficacy. That way the product can reach the consumers that will most need it.

Pharmaceutical marketers also need to drive the demand from the end-user too. When a patient asks their medical practitioner for a brand, by name, and the medical practitioner also believes that brand is the solution to the patient’s medical issue, there are much fewer barriers to the purchase. While a healthcare business is the gatekeepers of the products, driving consumer demand for those search queries will accelerate the sales process and lead to a far greater ROI.

Most of these strategies do not directly target the intended users of these products, but rather the doctors that will be prescribing them to these patients. 

Sometimes pharmacists are also targeted by pharmaceutical marketing strategies as they too are often the trusted adviser and the holder of medical knowledge when it comes to patient questions. Being top of mind for a network of pharmacists is another powerful marketing tool for pharmaceutical products. 

All strategies should centre around these healthcare professionals and be targeted to include those working in areas where the product would be viable for their patients or customers.

Obviously, a doctor and a pharmacist have different roles, different credibility and different authority when it comes to some pharmaceuticals, however, getting these two audiences to align will result in the greatest performance of any marketing strategy.

Consumers rely on their online devices (both mobile and desktop) for all their needs. Dating, shopping, transport, leisure, dining, and more. Medical needs are no different. In fact, so many people Google search for symptoms and medical solutions for themselves and their loved ones that the search engine is often referred to as Dr Google. Which is a double-edged sword.

The information found online about any topic, needs to be scrutinised. Likes, shares and views doesn’t equate to credibility. In the medical space, this scrutiny is even more important. 

As is medical online marketing, to get the right eyeballs onto the most up to date, credible and useful information. Online marketing is 100 percent essential to reach new and existing patients and develop connections and relationships with them to ensure they are educated about your healthcare services. And not relying on Dr Google for a quick fix cure that will likely cause more harm than good.

Many healthcare facilities do not have the budget or the resources to have a fully dedicated in-house marketing team. Outsourcing to a dedicated digital marketing agency ensures that your marketing strategies will be successful without draining your current resources. 

At Shout, we focus on what we do best, which is digital medical marketing, which allows you to focus on what you do best in your healthcare setting.

Let's mark the spot for your medical SEO strategy.

We're well-versed in everything to do with search engines, so we're ready to generate new leads for your medical website ASAP. While we understand that everyday operations can keep you busy, we'll use our magic to turn ranking factors into your driving force. And it all starts with a transparent, no-obligation X-Chart from our experts.

Paid Search Services Agency Growth Multiplier

Anyone can try their hand at search engine optimization, but it takes specialist knowledge and skill to know how to tackle this evolving industry long-term. The landscape changes rapidly, so we ensure you keep up with the trends when it matters most.

When it comes to dominating search engine tactics, you need to maintain best practices and a competitive advantage over search results. That means keeping an eye on algorithms, which never cease to evolve.

Luckily, that’s where our medical SEO wizards come in, helping you to stay online now and for the future.

Whatever your budget, we can make it work. With a tailored X-Chart that shows you exactly what you can expect from your ROI, you’ll never be kept in the dark.

In the medical space, you’re always looking to create more efficient processes. At Shout, we’re no different, and we treat our products and services as support for your own business. When you choose us to maintain your medical website SEO, you’re also getting a team of experts who love to build growth on search results. From start to finish, you’ll be guided through the process, working toward a mutual goal of X-growth.

That’s our commitment to you.

Whether you’re new to the field or already well-established, we help you make your mark on search engines. But this means having a bespoke strategy built for you and your individual goals.

Your brand is unique. And we never treat it as if it’s not. At all times, you’ll be equipped with a strategy that’s designed for you, and no one else.

At Shout, we work around the clock to know what makes your brand tick. Whether that’s your target market or your vision for medical SEO, we use all of this information to get you results on search engines.

Reach your target audience when they’re looking for a medical website they can trust. Reel in new patients when you’re looking to expand your practice, or take on new business opportunities – the choice is yours when it comes to our search engine optimization strategies.

If you’re looking to get in front of your target audience, we will optimise your strategy elements to make sure every piece of the puzzle is kept chugging along as it should. If we hit any speedbumps along the way, we’ll ensure you’re kept out of the danger zone, allowing your medical website SEO to remain consistent and high-performing.

Sound like a plan? Get in touch with our medical SEO experts, who are ready to give you the best possible level of exposure online. And it all starts with Shout.

If you want to see how our medical SEO can make your business reach bigger and better things? Get in touch with our business now. In a 30-minute consultation, we’ll provide you with your tailored X-Chart. It’s free and it’s assured, so there’s nothing to lose. Plus, you’ll get a glimpse of everything you’ll get through our strategies, of which are designed to give you complete clarity and control over your progress online. This is something we believe gives us a competitive edge in the market, with no other medical SEO agency offering this level of honesty.

So what are you waiting for? Shout out loud now.

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