June 21, 2016

Improving Your Mobile Design

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Michael Jenkins
Michael Jenkins

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When you are one of the premier car dealerships in Australia, you need a premier mobile design for your site.

That is why a few years ago when Porsche needed to re-design their website they wanted to ensure that they had a strong mobile design to promote their luxury cars to their mobile-savvy audience.

The design changes Shout helped them implement allowed the company to increase conversions by making the site easier for consumers to navigate and increase leads through the website.

Focusing on improving your sites mobile design can have the same impact on your own inbound marketing strategy.

That is why below you can learn some of the strategies that work for Porsche. We believe they can work for you as well!

5 Steps to Improve Your Mobile Design

1. Usability

Have you ever got lost on a website? You thought you were following a natural path, and then suddenly you cannot find a way to get to the next page or go back to the previous one.

A few websites get so bad that you almost need to shut down your browser just to get out of the page you are on at the moment. Quick question: do you go back to the site later after reloading it?

Most people would answer that as a heck no! It is because if a user does not know how to safely navigate through your site they do not want to engage with your brand anymore. This is even more important when it comes to a mobile website.

If you want to improve your conversions, make it easy for consumers to find the information they need to make an educated decision on your site.

Start by asking current customers what they think of your site. Did they achieve their goal when visiting your site? Could they find your services?

Were there any problems using the site on a mobile device?

The more usable a site is, the happier you make your customers. Frustration and anger are rarely viable, long-term customer retention strategies.

If you are not sure if your website is not user-friendly give us a Shout for a free initial mobile website audit.

2. Page Speed

Mobile sites traditionally take a while to load. This is a key reason for the new Google AMP and Facebook Instant Article platforms. The large sites do not want page speed to a be a factor in driving traffic to your mobile site.

These tools help you load mobile blog posts on Google and Facebook in half a second. Comparatively, most mobile sites take up to 8 seconds (or more) to load.

The faster you load your website; the more likely your users are to stay, and ultimate the more conversions you could receive. According to one study, 1-second difference in page loads was a 27% difference in the conversion rate.

3. Authority

Is your mobile site credible? The best way to answer this question is, would you buy from yourself if you landed on a mobile page?

Your website needs to show your credentials and testimonials, so consumers know you are the real deal.

Taking this a step further, on a mobile site you need to create authority with a lot less real estate. Therefore, make sure your mobile landing pages have things like social followers, testimonials, awards, and other experience evidence to show how you are an authority in your business.

4. Responsive Design

As we discussed in 6 Steps to Mobile Domination, you need to make sure your site is mobile-friendly.

An easy way to ensure your website is mobile-friendly is by using responsive design. Responsive design modifies your site based on the size of your browser.

For those reading this on your desktop, click on the maximize/restore button in your browser. This makes the browser smaller and larger.

If the website adjusts with the size of the browser, it is responsive. If you see a scroll button at the bottom, the site is not responsive.

That is when you need to speak to your developer about preparing for a mobile design. Let us know if you need some help.

5. Valuable

At the end of the day, do visitors see the point in trading their personal data for your services or freebies?

The more you provide your users with valuable information on their mobile devices, the more valuable you become to them.

Because you have less space, be conscientious about how you can provide them with simple steps and information that help them solve their problems.

The more problems you solve on your mobile device quickly and easily, the more valuable you become.

Final Thoughts

Mobile design can be tricky if you do not know what you are doing.

Hopefully, the information here will help your site run as smoothly as a Porsche 918 Spyder!

If you are not there yet, let our mobile design mechanics take a look under your hood to have your mobile site running smoothly. Contact us here to get a free consultation!

Book a free 45 minute consultation today.

    Book a free 45 minute consultation today.

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