September 3, 2015

How To Avoid Poor Ad Conversion Rates

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Michael Jenkins
Michael Jenkins

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Did you know that you are more likely to pass Navy Seals training than click a banner ad these days? That is because so many different companies are vying for your attention online today that the only way to stand out from the 1700 ads we see every day is to be remarkable.
Yet many digital marketers fear the idea of how to be remarkable. In truth it is not as hard to be remarkable as you would think. It simply requires hard work and an intense focus on who you want your ads to be viewed by to improve your conversion rate.
This is something that most marketers can never do. They do not put the time and energy into creating an ad that does not stink up conversions. However, with the information we discuss below it is possible to make a difference in your ad conversion rate.

What Lowers Your Ad Conversion Rates?

  1. Who are you? A hard lesson in irrelevance. 

HubSpot recently made the striking observation that you do not show baseball mitt ads to football players. While both are athletes, the sports requires different tools.
Ads are similar to this philosophy, because a successful ad must be relevant to your audience. Make sure that you segment your list based upon specific criteria. We gave an example in a previous blog post about how ad conversion rates could be improved for a Swiffer ad solely by targeting the right keywords.
In their ad, they targeted prospects who were buying a puppy. Swiffer cleaner is not relevant to those clients. What would be relevant is to market to dog owners whose pet had an accident on the carpet.
By doing this, you ensure that the ad does not waste clicks on irrelevant prospects.
You should be writing specific ads for each keyword group. That way, the ads are relevant to the searcher, and you can link it back to a landing page with a relevant keyword in the title of the landing page.
Having everything match makes it relevant to the user, and improves your ad conversion rate.
Note: This also helps with testing your phraseology for your ads. Testing different ads for different keywords might show you some insights into which words work best for your audience.

  1. Why is your ad so distracting? 

Have you ever gone to a site with more ads than content? Like they were testing the limits of your patience. Or have you been on one of those websites that provide slideshows like Hottest Models of Yesteryear And How They Look Today.
Every slide has takes forever to load, because of all the ads that need to pop up on each page. By the third slide all you want to do is click on the exit button. A perfect example of ads that distract from reader.
Great ads add to the website page, not take away from it. Otherwise, you are just wasting everyone’s time. That is because annoyed users rarely, if ever become clients.If you target your audience correctly, then you should have quality copy that appeals to their emotional needs.

  1. What is the value of your ad?

If you do not see any value in an ad then it is a waste of money. It is not enough to touch on an emotional trigger if you do not provide a solution.
That is why the SourcePad ad below is so valuable. It uses the real estate on the ad to talk about how they help startups develop their apps. They know how startups are always struggling to find quality developers to help them.

  1. Why do you not have a mobile-optimized site? 

Mobile ads convert at three times the rate of desktop ads. This is not surprising, since most mobile searches happen when consumers need something while they are on the go.

With over 50% of searches now taking place on mobile devices, it is time to consider using mobile technology to help you get started.

  1. Whoa! TMI!

Like a speed date with someone spilling their life story, you do not have to tell people everything right away. The goal of your ad is not to cram as much information as possible. Instead, it provides a compelling reason to click to learn more.
Except for local ads where users can click to call on Google, most ads direct your prospects to your website landing page. If you want to go more in-depth with your product, do it on the landing page. Remember: Less is more.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully your ad does not stink up the internet anymore. Instead, you created a series of relevant ads for your prospects based upon their needs.
Let us know what the results are for your ads. If you found one specific idea here that worked great, please feel free to share it with us.
If you are still struggling, contact Shout, so we can evaluate your campaign to help you improve your results.

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    Book a free 45 minute consultation today.

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