June 21, 2016

Google Local Ads

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Michael Jenkins
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For years, search experts predicted the rise of Google Local Ads instead of solely the organic three-pack. Well, Google Local Ads are no longer a prediction. Instead, the ads are now a reality with the new changes in the Google Ads dashboard.

Just like the new Google Image Ads, Google Local Ads provide a lot of opportunities for local businesses who understand how to use this platform correctly.

After all, according to new stats from Google, their search and advertising platforms generate over $165 Billion in economic activity for 1-million companies and non-profit organisations.

Even more intriguing is that 1 trillion searches happen on Google every month with half of them on smartphones. 1/3 of those searches are location-related searches. Google Local Ads are a natural extension when you have so many local mobile searches.

Below we discuss the different offerings for the new Google Local Ads.

Google Local Ad Offerings

  1. Responsive Ads for Display- These ads are native within the partner websites you visit. This means the responsive ads works across Google’s network of advertisers, and not just on their own search engine.

These responsive display ads also enable advertisers to be more expressive with their ads than they were in the past. That is because they are no longer constricted by device types.

Furthermore, responsive display ads work well on mobile devices as well as desktop. If you want a local ad, it should work on a variety of devices.

The benefit of this is that you finally have an ad format that can work across multiple devices to ensure you have the right ad no matter what device a searcher uses to find your information.

  1. Individual Bid Adjustments for Device Types- Previously, you could only manually adjust the bids for specific keywords. The new changes allow you to change the bid if the searcher is on a mobile, tablet, or desktop device.

This is vital for local search ads.

For example, if you want to draw new customers to your restaurant, you can reduce the bid amount for desktop searches. Desktop searchers are usually not immediate sales. However, a search from a mobile device might be a happy, satisfied patron in minutes.

By adjusting the bids between devices, you can favour mobile, tablet, or desktop searches depending on your products.

The difference in these bids is as high as 900%. Therefore, if you bid $1 per click on desktop ads for the theoretical restaurant mentioned above, you can pay up to $9 per click for a mobile search.

Remember, that a third of mobile searches have mobile intent. Mobile intent states that the person searching has a specific reason for moving forward. This is a goldmine for local stores.

  1. Local Search Ads- Going back to the biggest change last week, local search ads on Google and Google Maps. Not only is this the first time that local search ads will show up on traditional search, they are also appearing on Google Maps.

This becomes a two-point prong of attack to help businesses promote themselves in a specific location.

Previously these results were purely organic. While many local businesses will mourn this change, it provides an opportunity for companies who aggressively reach out to prospects in their area.

For example, a company can now provide a coupon that they can share on local search and the map, which makes it possible to promote the same ad on multiple channels. As any business, knows repetition is the key for driving traffic.

This is what Google Local Ads permit businesses to do.
Plus, because these ads are local they should be more contained cost-wise than a traditional Google search ad. That is because Google ads are based on a competitive bid system.

By only advertising in a specific area, you can avoid bidding against nation-wide organisations not located in your area.

Final Thoughts

Google Local Ads are long overdue. They represent a tremendous opportunity for local businesses looking to cash in on Google’s extensive user base.

With the additions to the Google advertiser dashboard, search marketers now have the ability to create the right mobile ads for the right devices.

If you need help optimising your Google local ad campaign, set up a FREE consultation with our local SEO agency.

Book a free 45 minute consultation today.

    Book a free 45 minute consultation today.

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