April 14, 2015

Fixing Your Ecommerce Brand

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Michael Jenkins
Michael Jenkins

CEO - Shout Agency


Is it time to your refresh your e-Commerce branding strategy? Maybe you have a steady flow of new buyers to your website, but the challenge with any business reliant upon current clients is that you have the potential to forget to brand your business to new consumers.
Therefore, we need to constantly tweak our e-Commerce branding strategy to entice new buyers to your site. In our eCommerce SEO agency, we follow four specific action steps to help your e-Commerce branding.

Four Action Steps to Enhance Your e-Commerce Brand

The first step to branding your e-Commerce site is get the word out about your site.

The idea that build it, and they will come is something that belongs in the twentieth century.
Today, e-Commerce site owners must focus on creating successful search, social, and ad campaigns that increase interest in their brand.
Search engine marketing- While search engine marketing is traditionally thought of as a sales channel, it can also be a great way to grow your brand as well.
In a study on brands and ads, 800 consumers did specific category keyword searches. 14.8% of a test group names a specific brand from their searches. Compared to a generic search page where only 8.2% of respondents could name a brand for their category.
By using search engine marketing, companies are not only promoting sales today, but also increasing awareness for future sales as well.
SEO and social media- Next, branding online today requires a mix of social media and search engine optimization (SEO). The SEO brings in new prospects organically through quality content, and the social media keeps them engaged.
Be creative in your campaigns. Take for example the Australian insurance company that insured President Obama for a crocodile death policy.
The $50,000 AUD policy got them coverage across the globe for this unique policy. The press included being featured on SkyTV and Huffington Post.

Create trust-building website copy.

Once you have built out a great site, you need customers who want to stay on your site. The best way to do that is through great website copy. Here are three specific steps you can take to build that copy.
First, test what works best. Neil Patel of Quick Sprout did an A/B test of his long-form and short form copy.
What he discovered was that the long-form copy outperformed the short by over 40.54% in the first test. The second test he did was even more conclusive with a 66% negative ROI on the short form and a 50% ROI in the long-form.
By testing he was able to determine the best course of action for his copy.
Second, you need to make your copy scannable. While long copy works better for instilling trust, it also does not get read as much. In fact, only 20% of the website page copy is read.
That is because people on the internet scan copy in an F pattern. They look at the first word in each sentence and then scan the rest of the page.
In essence, you need long content to impress them with your knowledge. Then concise bullet points and headers to give them the information about your product without having to read the entire text.
Third, conversational text works best. Based on a study by the Journal of Educational Psychology, less technical text that talks in a conversational manner had a 20-46% higher retention rate among college students.
In other words, ban jargon from your sales copy. Otherwise, customers can become confused and agitated with your brand.

Craft amazing offers.

Creating great content requires one more thing. An amazing offer for your prospective clients to take action on your services. If you cannot create something memorable then why are you in business? The offer reminds customers of this fact.
Customers remember and purchase from companies who stand out in their efforts to create great products.
Take Warby Parker. The eyeglass maker ships up to 5 pairs of glasses for free for customers to test out for 5 days. They cover the return of the glasses customers do not want. An amazing offer that has made them one of the largest eye glass ecommerce stores.
Also, consider a simpler model like Audible.com (an Amazon company). The company gives user the first audiobook for free. Users can test out the system and decide if they want to continue using Audible for their audiobooks.

It’s all about the List.

In todays’ ultra-competitive, busy world consumers do not always purchase the first, second, or third time on your site. Furthermore, many do not remember you after their first purchase.
They need a reminder. That is why it is so important to build your list. The more you build your list, the more you can brand your business over time with each product launch, giveaway, and special.
If you are going to build your list for your brand, make sure that you have a good reputation. Check out a site like SenderScore.Org to determine what your email score is for your site.
Building a reputation takes time, and if your emails are no longer being delivered to your audience then that could hurt your brand.
To keep your reputation on the up and up, make sure to segment your list. In fact, recent research suggests that 62% of all email marketers want to improve their segmentation of their list. Not surprisingly, 64% want to personalize their email marketing more.
The more you segment your list as you continue building your brand, the more you can create the personalized messages that consumers can associate with your brand.
That is probably why the second most effective email you can send to a prospect after the opt-in is a birthday email. To paraphrase Dale Carnegie, “The sweetest email is wishing a happy birthday!”
The more your emails show a genuine interest in prospects, the more they care about your brand.

Final Thoughts

Branding your ecommerce business is essential if you want to stand out from your competitors. Your prospects remember your brand and decide to purchase based upon the quality of your brand.
Therefore, it is important to get the word out and create reputable copy on your site that converts prospects into customers.
Let us know what questions you have about branding your ecommerce store.

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    Book a free 45 minute consultation today.


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