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    Digital marketing for fitness centres. No pain, just gain.

    While the fitness industry has seen a big shift online, digital marketing is critical to business expansion, whether you have a virtual offering or physical studio. At Shout, our strategies have helped elite athletes, personal trainers, gyms, yoga retreats and health centres gain more clients, bigger sales and faster growth. Michael Jenkins Digital Strategist

    Michael Jenkins

    Michael Jenkins
    Digital Strategist

    You’re in good shape with our fitness marketing process.

    Need to strengthen sales in your fitness business? Our experts know how to build some digital marketing muscle.


    Health assessment

    Before any major changes to your body of work, we’ll do a full assessment of the health of your website and marketing. Where are your strengths and weaknesses? Where can improvements be made? And how can we boost the strength of your brand? We’ll determine all this and more in our initial phase.


    Strong strategy

    Whether you’re marketing a physical gym or virtual training, Shout can help you out-muscle the competition. We’ll create a plan that uses the right channels and messages for your audience, and exercise restraint with those that will do nothing for improving your return on investment.


    Run the campaign

    A specialist agency like Shout takes the weight off your shoulders. We know the SEO techniques to help you climb to the top of Google’s rankings. We’re guns in designing fitness websites that work hard. And we’re well versed in using social media to promote (and let others spread the word) about your business.


    Health check

    Every consultation needs a follow-up. So at Shout, we’ll monitor our activity to ensure it’s performing as well as can be, or modify our fitness marketing strategy if we think it could work harder for your brand. As you well know, it takes constant tuning to stay in good health, so we’ll keep reviewing and refining our cost-effective marketing to build you a healthy bottom line.

     Let's make a plan for healthy ROI.

    Like all goals, achieving business goals in the fitness industry requires a tailored plan. At Shout, we’ll create a bespoke strategy designed to suit your needs and your ambitions, and guarantee the results we forecast when you stick to the schedule.

    Strengthen your marketing with our fitness SEO strategies.

    There are so many ways for fitness companies to build some digital marketing muscle. Optimise the performance of your website. Create a consistent social feed that nurtures your biggest prospects. Plus, take advantage of PPC and remarketing to gain exposure without the hefty price tag. Shout’s experts will help you kick your fitness business goals out of the park.

    Dominate the health and fitness industry now

    Our fitness industry marketing agency is regularly enlisted by those across the industry looking to revolutionise the way they’re seen online.

    With specialist team members on board who understand the distinct requirements of modern gym advertising, we know how to ensure your brand lands in front of the eyes that matter most. From elite athletes to personal trainers and more – we work with industry professionals across the board to create powerful digital marketing outcomes.

    Online fitness marketing made easy

    As a dedicated health and fitness marketing agency in Australia, our experts have worked alongside notable names in the field. We have collaborated with our clients from all corners of the country to help them establish their name in the industry and power up their overall brand presence.

    From unique branding strategies to SEO campaigns, PPC management, social media and more, we’re here to support you in your journey to hitting your biggest goals. Smash your reps out of the park with our online fitness marketing, now available right across the country.

    Experience what it’s like to have a specialist team that knows the inner workings of digital marketing for personal trainers. No matter what area of fitness or health you work in, we know how to make sure you dominate it online.

    Discover results-driven SEO campaigns

    Shout’s tech team have helped clients rise up the ranks on Google and Bing for years on end. By developing and managing their end-to-end campaigns, we continue to support brands just like you in accessing fitness business marketing that’s tangible, results-driven and cost-effective.

    See your business land on top of search engine results pages for the long-term, generating more conversions, more leads and bigger ROI as a result. If you’ve lacked an edge online historically, now’s the time to utilise a channel that’s destined to bring you more website traffic than ever before.

    Pay-per-click strategies that keep you on-budget

    If you have a strict budget to adhere to and need instant wins, PPC through Google Ads, social media paid advertising and remarketing allows you to get teh exposure you need without the hefty price tag.

    Allow our gym marketing agency to bring you more members for the future with a powerful, agile and profitable pay-per-click campaign that lands you in front of your biggest audiences. Whether you’ve run SEO before or still are, your PPC campaign can either power up your existing strategies or overtake them for more rapid, short-term wins.

    Join hundreds of fitness centres and gyms just like you, who are kicking their goals out of the park with the help of our health club marketing experts.

    Back your marketing suite with stunning aesthetics

    If you’ve spent hard-earned dollars on marketing your website, but it cannot convert, you may be in desperate need of a redesign.

    Working alongside your brand, our experts in digital marketing for personal trainers can assess the current state of your platform, its functionality, SEO-friendliness, UX/UI components and conversion optimisation to ensure you’re getting maximum performance out of it.

    Suppose you haven’t even got a website up and running yet. In that case, we can also create a concept thats designed to turn into a well-oiled conversion machine, generating consistent interest with your biggest audiences online.

    Combine flawless aesthetics with technical must-haves, seamless UX and exceptional UI – our website design services for fitness and health brands is the first step to take when you’re looking to redefine how you’re seen across the digital sphere.

    Say it loud and proud with social media

    Nothing reaches audiences quite like the social world. Featuring the likes of Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and more, our gym marketing gurus can put your strategy on the path to success.

    Utilise powerful paid advertising campaigns for pay-per-click promotion, or create an organic, consistent social feed that engages and nurtures your biggest prospects. No matter how you intend to be seen on social media, our online marketing fitness solutions ticks all the boxes.

    By your side at all times

    Shout prides itself on digital marketing solutions that are transparent, honest and holistic. Across each step of the journey, we’ll keep you in the loop to understand how your campaign is tracking and where opportunities sit. If we feel the strategy needs to be further shifted or developed, we’ll work with you to make it happen, ensuring your fitness business marketing approach is robust and ROI-driven.

    Best of all, we have a team of tech support specialists readily on hand to provide exceptional customer service at any point in time. We won’t leave you in the dark.

    A gym marketing agency with an edge

    We consider our approach to online domination a reinvented one. Instead of using tired and old techniques that don’t last, we use state-of-the-art tools, research and software to keep your campaign ahead of the campaign – no matter what channel we’re working in.

    As we’ve worked in the field for many years, we know what makes it tick. So if you’ve struggled to get traction online, you can trust Shout’s team to get you seen in all the right ways, with no shortcuts taken.

    We’re ready to help you build some digital marketing muscle.

    Get set, ready and go with our search engine optimisation packages, designed for businesses throughout Melbourne and wider Australia. As online traffic continues to soar, there’s never been a better time to get ahead of your competition

    Think of our consultants as PTs for your business growth.

    Strengthen your search results.

    Our specialist marketing team delivers the best SEO for fitness, combining paid and organic channels to get you where you need to be – on the front page of Google.

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    Warm up your leads.

    From powerful social media advertising to thought leadership blogs, digital marketing can be everywhere your health or fitness message needs to be – helping you build awareness, generate interest and convert leads into business.

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    Be fit for life.

    Whether you have a new offering that needs highly targeted marketing, a new product you’re ready to launch, or you simply want more clients, Shout can give you a healthy, sustainable, long-term solution that continually builds up your business.

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    Results worth shouting about

    Fitness digital marketing strategies to get your sweat on.

    Fitness digital marketing FAQs

    We answer a few of the more common questions around fitness digital marketing. Anything you want to know that we haven’t covered here? Just give us a shout.

    When it comes to marketing a health or fitness business, it’s important to be clear on your target audience. Are you a neighbourhood business like a physical gym, or are you looking to sell health products to a wider audience?

    Local SEO is highly important for local businesses and should be the cornerstone of all your fitness digital marketing strategies.

    For those selling digital products like fitness lessons and videos, or physical products like supplements or activewear, you’ll need SEO specific to your operations that can attract customers from anywhere.

    Think of it like this. If you needed a tennis coach, you wouldn’t ask a boxing instructor to do it in his spare time – you’d recruit a professional, dedicated tennis coach.

    It’s the same with digital marketing. Using the skills and experience of specialists in their field means you’ll enjoy the best results for your marketing investment, while you get to focus on your business.

    For many companies in the fitness industry, having a complete in-house marketing department is an expense that’s just not in the budget.

    Outsourcing to a dedicated fitness digital marketing agency gives you access to industry professionals and campaigns that will work at a price point accessible to even small fitness businesses.

    By improving your website, content and SEO, a health and fitness marketing agency can rocket you towards the top of Google searches. This includes appearing in local searches to attract customers in your area.

    Online fitness marketing strategies also help to establish a positive brand and message on social media platforms and search engines.

    Fitness digital marketing is the practice of promoting your fitness business to your target audience, potential members, clients and suppliers in the online space. But ‘fitness’ covers a wide range of related industries.

    This could be digital marketing for fitness centres, personal trainers, health practices or wellness spas and retreats.

    By communicating the benefits of your fitness business, and inviting people to learn more about you, you create more web traffic on search engines and warmer leads that lead to sales and business growth.

    If your company goals include more paying customers, wide recognition in the community and business growth, then yes! This is precisely what these marketing strategies are going to achieve.

    But understanding your audience and maximising your budget to reach them takes an effective strategy. This is where the support of an agency specialising in health and wellness digital marketing can help.

    Health and fitness is a highly competitive space that’s only growing, particularly online.

    If your offering is unique, you have a distinctive opportunity to promote your difference to prospects with the power of digital marketing.

    If your offering is similar to your competitors – say, you have gyms in the same suburb or sell the same vitamins online – it’s even more important that you use marketing tactics to help set you apart.

    A dedicated marketing plan will put you ahead of your competitors in the race to attract customers, and help your business grow.

    With so many different digital channels available, including a myriad of social media platforms, it can be easy to forget some of the more traditional marketing methods.

    Electronic direct mail (eDM) campaigns remain one of the most successful ways to market to your audience, and should never be ignored.

    Our email data marketing experts can help you target your audience, create engaging content, and drive prospects to take action – whether that be signing up as a member, referring a friend or buying a product or online course.

    Landing pages are also effective at encouraging specific actions, and you can drive your target audience from an email to a landing page where they can learn more information and click to take the desired action.

    SEO is key to helping prospective members, clients and customers find you when they search online.

    An SEO audit can determine where you can make improvements to help connect searchers to your website. While valuable content is a powerful way to draw interest, which creates an opportunity to make more sales.

    The best way is through dedicated fitness content that people are going to find valuable. This works by getting your audience to value your brand and also impresses Google so you appear higher in searches. Keyword research is also essential to weave through all of your content and having a fast, functional and good looking website is also critical.

    Without a dedicated marketing plan, you are going to be well behind your competition in the race to attract customers. You need to be able to stand out on digital platforms and marketing is the way to achieve this. The better and more effective your digital marketing, the more your fitness business will grow.

    Unless you’re a large business with the budget to hire a marketing dedicated in-house marketing team, it’s a great idea to invest in an agency.

    Outsourcing your services is an affordable way to access the best marketing strategies that boost ROI. Whether that’s for individual services like social media, marketing a website development, an SEO strategy, or to overhaul your marketing altogether.

    But the digital marketing fitness industry, like others, can be paved with many promises. So don’t employ just anyone to manage this critical business function. At Shout, we’re the digital marketing agency fitness businesses trust.

    We guarantee the results of our strategies, so you can get on with your job knowing your marketing partner (that’s us!) is doing theirs.

    Fitness is a specialised industry and great, original content is going to be your best weapon to compete with your opposition.

    Having quality, fresh, thought-provoking content not only helps bring more people to your business, but it’s favoured by Google and will elevate you in search engine results pages (SERPs).

    Increase brand awareness and web traffic? Tick. Boost quality leads and the volume of sales? Done. Speed up the growth of your business? Shout.

    For over a decade, the Shout team has been leading the way in digital marketing. With our bespoke approach, we’ll locate the most valuable prospects for your business, whether they’re local, national or on the other side of the world. Opportunities are everywhere, so you just have to know where to look.

    We work with all size fitness companies and budgets. Every dollar is put where it makes a positive difference on your bottom line, so there’s no wasted investment. And we can help reduce the cost of acquisition, too.

    When 28 by Sam Wood needed help competing with bigger players in the fitness market, we identified this cost as key to improving his bottom line.

    By boosting search conversions, implementing an SEO strategy and a social campaign, we earned Sam 10X ROI. This led to a 74% increase in organic growth and a cost of acquisition of only $21.

    We’ve delivered results like these, time and again, for fitness and wellness companies just like yours. Want to see how much we can grow your business? You can, on your free, tailored X-Chart.

    We’re so confident we can achieve the results we forecast, we guarantee them. And an X-Chart puts that promise in writing.

    The exclusive Shout X-Chart shows what your business growth will look like over the next few months with our digital services and support.

    We set achievable growth targets you’re happy with, to ensure you can reach them. And we measure them at 3, 6 and 12-month intervals so you can see your progress along the way.

    Your X-Chart comes at no cost to you, and there’s no obligation to take up our services. So arrange a free consultation with a Shout fitness expert now, and find out how far your digital marketing investment can take your business.

    Invaluable insights

    Marketing insight collection from the digital marketing industry, google algorithm changes, client case studies and proven marketing strategies that will improve your digital marketing campaigns.

    Imagine how guaranteed sales would change your marketing strategy.


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