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Don't make business personal. Make it incredibly personal. Use Facebook's unmatched capacity to target specific audiences to build your audience. Fill your sales funnel. And convert visitors. With Shout.

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Use all the power of facebook to drive growth

Facebook combines the pulling power of imagery with the effectiveness of targeted reach to create one of the most effective digital marketing strategies available. Facebook works because it gives you access to one of the world's biggest audiences, and lets you talk to them the way they like to be engaged.

Lead generation with Facebook

Advertising on Facebook should get you provable ROI. Your Facebook Ad costs should be attributable to leads, conversions and sales. If your business is on Facebook, but your leads are not on the increase, Shout.


Remarketing with Facebook

You know how Facebook seems to know what you've been looking at, then hits you with an ad for it? How would you like to use the same tech to remarket to customers you thought were lost? You can. With Shout.


Targeting with Facebook

Facebook has some of the most advanced targeting and segmentation tech in the world. You can target your audience by demographics, which device they're using, where they are, how they behave, what they're doing.


Performance marketing with Facebook

Thumbs up isn't enough. Get your sales figures going up. With four to five times the leads of normal display ads. Target, market and remarket to fill your funnel. Track the performance on a bespoke Facebook dashboard.


Build audiences with Facebook

Facebook gives you the ability to select a core audience, build a custom audience from your existing email lists and current data, and create lookalike audiences that are likely to become leads. So you can program campaigns that attract attention and drive growth.


At Shout, we use all of the tools Facebook has to drive growth, generate leads, segment markets, generate new markets, remarket to lost customers, fill funnels, drive the success of eCommerce sites and convert leads to sales.

  • Targeted campaigns for greater cost-effeciencies
  • Audience building to create sustained growth
  • Creation of bespoke dashboards for easier data interpretation
  • Audience segmentation to align with marketing goals
  • Attribution figures for cross-channel tracking
  • Combine with other social channels for enhanced performance

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