November 5, 2015

5 Examples of Epic Content

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Michael Jenkins
Michael Jenkins

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All bloggers dream of creating a piece of content that drives in millions of dollars of revenue. If you want to create epic content, you need to know what others have to create this level of content.
That is why in this article, we discuss various examples of how to create epic content. The examples here in many cases, not only generated a lot of traffic, but also conversions.


Imagine selling beds online? How do you do it without users being able to feel their way around the mattress? You need to keep them alert to your information, before they can ever fall asleep on your beds at home.
This is where Sleep Train is a master in content. They not only go through text descriptions of each size, but have great visuals as well that describe the different sizes for each bed between a twin and California king.
By doing so, they help users visualize how the bed would fit in their own house. For a piece that is so vital to our everyday existence, it is not something we think about regularly.
Sleep Trains website gets you in the mood to appreciate the different types of beds at your disposal and why they would work for your personal needs.


When most businesses think of content, they think of constantly creating new content for their website. While this can be very valuable, so too can a nicely maintained page’s content be valuable.
ButterMouth brought in over $1,000,000 in revenue from one free movie site blog post. How?
Well, unlike other sites that post and then forget about what they write, ButterMouth updates the blog post roughly every quarter to ensure that the information is up to date and accurate.
Competitors are often scared to update a quality page, because they are afraid of ruining the rankings on the page. However, ButterMouth realizes that updating their content on this page regularly is the secret behind the posts massive success.
Remember, Google wants fresh content. By updating the content on a specific page, you are showing that your information is fresh and still reliable.
Plus, keeping a post that high in the rankings for so long is a massive boon if you want it back linked. The more backlinks, the more potential for even longer high rankings.


Some of the most common advice in content creation today is to make sure your website loads quickly. Page speed is an important part of good search engine optimization.
That means removing bulky images, improving your hosting speed when necessary, and keeping programs down to a minimum.
This is exactly what StayGlam avoided doing. Instead of going mean and lean, they chose to go big and beautiful.
With over 80 images of nails on their post it attracted a lot of attention. When we say a lot, we mean a boatload of Pinterest Pins. Approximately 1.1 million pins for the page.
Pretty good for a page that takes 20 seconds to load.

Classic Arcade Games

What if you could watch every single video game death fro the 1980’s all in one movie. Would it be worth it? Do you want to remember all of the ways that people died in those games? If so, then you can join the 2 million plus views on YouTube.
By simply capturing all of the deaths from almost every game between 1980-1989, Boing Boing generated 2 million views on YouTube, as well as countless more on their blog.
It is a shareable piece of content that went viral. Sometimes simple is a great way to generate traffic.

Life Hacker

One of the most popular blogs on the internet. This simple article shows you a trick to turn your router from a $60 version to a $600 for free.
While the Life Hacker generates massive amounts of traffic already, this article garnered over 5,299,320 views.
Definitely one of the highest read articles on the site.

Final Thoughts

What makes all of these content pieces so valuable? The answer is they are all unique and interesting.
For various reasons, every article listed here educate and entertain the user in their own unique way. By doing so, they have become worthy of the name epic.
If you want to create epic contact for your own website, then feel free to contact our content marketing agency in Brisbane
to learn about how we can help you.

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    Book a free 45 minute consultation today.

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