What Is Programmatic?

Programmatic advertising is defined as the automatic management of online ads. Instead of manually purchasing ad sales, you use software to automate and speed up the process of buying and selling.

Keyword Research – Find Out What Drives Traffic

Keywords are the terms that your customers type into search engines like Google when they’re looking for something—and the foundation on which all search marketing campaigns are built. Whether you’re planning an SEM or SEO campaign, it all starts with identifying the keywords you’re going to target.

How to Reduce Unwanted Clicks and Impressions by Using Negative Keywords

It is likely to be that a substantial proportion of the people visiting your site either didn’t intend to or weren’t really interested in what you have to offer. That sometimes comes down to your PPC ad appearing in search engine results pages (SERPs) for the wrong keyword string, otherwise referred to as negative keywords.

Calculating CPC, CPL and CPA

Whether you are creating brand awareness, generating leads, or increasing sales, you can use paid online ads to achieve your marketing goals. Understanding these pricing models is critical to developing an effective marketing strategy and campaign budget.

Remarketing 101

Remarketing is an excellent tool for websites and companies to reach target customers who don’t convert immediately. It’s a method of online advertisement that allows a particular brand to remain in front of bounced traffic after viewers leave the site.