April 18, 2017

The Call Tracking Revolution

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Michael Jenkins
Michael Jenkins

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As a business, you want to know your marketing efforts are meeting your initiatives and target audience. You want to ensure that your business isn’t wasting money on marketing strategies that are not working and focus your energy and budget into what does work. Now that we live in a highly-digitalised society, businesses can spread out to a global audience of consumers and market heavily online.

Measuring marketing success through analytics such as organic visits, page views, interactions with advertising is great, but what about all the leads that come from customers who call?

Research demonstrates approximately 70 per cent of mobile searches results in consumers calling up a business and more than 40 per cent of search-related sales conversations take place while on the phone. Call marketing allows for businesses to keep track of this and optimise their paid search and marketing strategies.

What is Call Tracking and How Does It Work?

Call tracking software assesses and measures a company’s advertising performance through the tracking of phone calls. Some of the latest call tracking software can identify successful and unsuccessful marketing efforts, so it’s a great way to optimise sales and maximise ROI.

With call tracking, marketers can track which sources, campaigns or keywords are generating phone calls. More specifically, call tracking can be used for things such as organic search engine traffic, pay per click campaigns and digital advertising: using a different phone number for each ad. Call tracking even allows for you to record calls to be used in the future or review purposes or training.

It works by enabling you to assign different phone numbers to each ad or marketing campaign used, which can be done online, and offline as well. These phone numbers are directed to the main phone number of the business. By assigning different phone numbers, you can determine who completed the sale.

How Can You Use Call Tracking in Your Business?

So, how exactly can a business use call tracking software to help see advertising performance? It’s all about the call tracking metrics. There are several metrics you can use in call tracking, but here are the most important.

First, track the number of calls. Call tracking automatically records the number of calls received, so it takes away the manual work.

Detailed reports of call patterns, such as time of day when you receive the most calls or what days of the week have the most volume of calls, can assist in a better understanding of your business’s ROI.

Identifying how many people are reaching out to your business for the first time is important to see which marketing strategies effectively bring in new people. It also is helpful to cultivate strong relationships with callers to turn them into loyal customers.

Second, call length is an important metric. Keep in mind that 80% of first calls go to voicemail. This is why on average, 15% of sales professionals’ time is left leaving voicemails.

The higher the call length, the greater the chance they are speaking with prospects. This can lead to more appointments and eventual sales.

Third, call tracking can improve the performance of your landing pages. It gives an indication to which landing pages deliver the most calls, produce the best calls or bring in the most customers.

Through the use of call tracking, you can also identify how effectively the members of your business are converting leads into sales. With the information that call tracking can provide, you can assess the performance of your employees, determine any training requirements and which team members should be receiving more calls to maximise sales.

What Are the Benefits of Call Tracking?

A business’s marketing strategy is crucial to attracting, gaining and increasing customer base. Most businesses now use online marketing strategies to drive leads.

In the same way businesses use tools such as Google Analytics to measure page views and conversions to get detailed data that they can use to improve and determine their most effective marketing campaigns, businesses should also employ call tracking strategies.

Finally, call tracking can save your business money. You may find your business may be wasting money on marketing strategies and advertising that does not generate significant leads or sales. You can discover where best to focus your effort and budget when marketing through the data call tracking can provide.

Final Thoughts

The question you then need to ask is how your business can incorporate call tracking into their marketing strategy? If you want to evaluate the benefits of call tracking for your business, give us a Shout. Our team can help you evaluate the best call tracking solutions for your needs.

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    Book a free 45 minute consultation today.


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