Top 17 Targeting Tactics for Facebook Ads

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Determining your target audience has always been a crucial prerequisite for any marketing campaign, but it is the most important factor when it comes to Facebook ads.
It’s imperative to ensure that you’re targeting the right people to avoid wasting precious advertising dollars. For this, online marketers have defined the different ‘ideal’ audiences for paid advertisements such as lookalike audiences, remarketing audiences, and custom audiences.
But a successful marketer always seeks new ways to push things past the limit.
With these advanced targeting tactics, you can further refine your Facebook ad strategy for a more optimized sales funnel from lead generation to conversions.

1. Shopping Cart Abandoners

Remarketing to visitors who’ve already used your shopping cart will almost always result in strong leads. In Facebook ads, create an audience for users who abandon their shopping carts without progressing to the checkout process. Once a prospect makes a purchase, be sure to exclude them from further remarketing.

2. Checkout Abandoners

Aside from shopping cart abandoners, you should also create a custom remarketing audience that consists of users who proceeded to the checkout process but never really finalised their purchase.

3. Launch Local Awareness Ads

Facebook has made it easier for your business to increase local awareness. With local awareness ads, you can reach people near you through phone calls.

4. Use Conjunctive Targeting

By default, Facebook includes potential leads who like at least one of your chosen interests. With conjunctive targeting, you will be focusing on people who like all of them. You can use Facebook’s Power Editor’s detailed targeting section to manually implement these filters

5. Retarget Direct Enquiries

Create a list of those who’ve directly inquired about your brand either thru email or phone call for remarketing ads. Also consider sending a follow-up email or phone call since these strong leads are probably near the bottom of your sales funnel.

6. Hire a List Broker

You can quickly expand your mailing and audience list by hiring a list broker. Always verify if you’re dealing with an authentic business and that the list was not generated with any illegal means.

7. Consolidate Interests with Lookalike Audiences

You can further refine the positioning of your ads by identifying lookalike audiences with specific interests aligned with your brand.

8. Work with Similar Sites

You can show remarketing ads to people who are viewing websites that are contextual to yours. Propose to put the remarketing tag for your Facebook ads on a specific page that’s related to your product.

9. Work with Third-Party Services

Consider using third-party services available for Facebook ad campaigns such as Qwaya, AdEspresso, and Hootsuite Ads to save time with ad management and targeting.

10. Use Video Ads

You can create video advertisements in the Facebook platform to condense more information in a single ad. Create a separate remarketing list for those who’ve watched your video for at least 30 seconds.

11. Leverage “Sequenced” Ads

You can create ads optimized specifically for moving leads down the sales funnel. For example, you can launch separate ads displayed sequentially. The general flow of sequential ads goes like: brand story à product information à call-to-action.

12. Use Carousel Advertisements

You can create “carousel” ads that can display 3-5 sections in one advertisement. Normally, this would include an image and a short description, but a single image can be used for a horizontal scrolling effect.

13. Use Lead Ads

With lead ads, Facebook allows businesses to quickly receive information from their prospective leads. This information is readily provided based on their Facebook accounts, which makes the significantly quicker.

14. Use Dynamic Advertisements

With Facebook dynamic ads, you can promote related products to users who are viewing your catalogue.

15. Tweak your Audience

You can always fine-tune your ad targeting by determining the key characteristics of your audiences. Leverage Facebook Audience Insights to access data such as audience demographics, geography, and purchase behaviour.

16. Target Site Dwellers

Using Google analytics, you can find the people who view multiple pages in your website. This behaviour is a clear indication of interest in your brand, which is why you should target them for remarketing

17. Use Partner Categories

With the help of third-party providers, specifically Acxiom, Experian, and Quantium, you can make use of Facebook’s targeting clusters known as partner categories to acquire and develop your leads faster. These leads are defined based on their activities and behaviour outside of Facebook.


Thanks to Facebook’s large community, there is so much depth and complexity you can incorporate with your ad targeting. It’s up to you to figure out the perfect recipe for your business’ marketing needs. So don’t be afraid of committing mistakes – remember that there’s still a great deal of options and targeting combinations to explore.

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