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Starting a new business comes with a host of challenges. Setting up corporate structures, bank accounts, and business plans is a lot of work.

While we don’t know the ideal corporate structure, we can help you pick the perfect domain. A domain that helps you generate more search traffic and makes your brand more memorable.

Being more memorable and searchable is more important than ever. With over 330 million domain names, standing out from the crowd is a challenge.

That is why the strategies below are valuable to your business.

How to choose the perfect domain

1. Make your domain unique

Your domain name needs to be as unique as your business. A way to help you stand out from the crowd.

Look at what others in the industry use for their domain and look for ways to be different. If someone in your industry has a similar business name, or your name is too generic then you confuse your customers.

Do NOT use a cheat by choosing an alternative to a common word. Take image site Flickr as a prime reason not to use an alternative spelling.

They lost a lot of traffic because of the spelling of their name. The traffic loss was significant enough that the founders purchased

If you type in Flicker.Com now, it forwards to Flickr.Com.

This is even worse for misspelled words because you lose the search traffic for that keyword. If you want the search benefits of having an exact match domain name then you need to do keyword research.

The research helps you find the domain with the most search traffic. Exact match domain names don’t receive as many benefits as they once did since Google changed their algorithm. Yet, having the right keyword in your domain can give your site a boost in traffic.

Keyword research also provides you insights into the estimated traffic for your domain name. If you do not have enough traffic, then you will struggle to convert visitors.

2. Look for a or .com

Website owners now have 1,547 top-level domains like .net, .com, .melbourne and so many others to choose from today. The amount of options is staggering.

The problem is that it becomes difficult to remember all the different domain name options.

Some businesses have succeeded with .net, .info, and .biz domains names. Still, most users do not remember website names without the .com or a in Australia.

If you want to test the waters, there are a few ingenious alternatives. For example, the site had a unique TLD before Yahoo bought them.

Instead of calling the site, they used a .us TLD for the last part of their domain name. It was somewhat confusing, but the uniqueness of the name helped them generate attention.

So, if you have a restaurant and can add a restaurant tag that could be worthwhile.

Otherwise, keep your domain name a .com or other TLD relative to your region.

3. Use Domain Name Selection Tools

The biggest challenge is finding the right name.

You know it can be challenging, but sometimes it seems overwhelming. That is why we want to recommend a few domain tools you can use to improve your search traffic.

DomainsBot– This site is a domain name search engine that provides ideas to turn your business name or idea into a viable domain name.

NameMesh– The second tool you might want to use is NameMesh. This site creates common, new, short, fun, similar and mixed domain name ideas among others. This way you can test out multiple ideas at once to see which domain name looks best before you make the purchase.

After you come up with some domain names, see if they are available on domain name service provider sites like GoDaddy or NameCheap or CrazyDomains.

Need help deciding or buying a domain name, contact your experts at Shout.

Then choose your top two or three before someone snaps up your domain name. Ask your customers, vendors, and partners which name they prefer.

Final Thoughts

Creating the right domain name can be challenging for a new business. However, the right domain name sets the tone for the rest of your digital marketing.

That is why it is so important to make you choose a wise suggestion. Otherwise, your customers might struggle to find your site after it goes live.

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