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Measuring your social media results is a vital component of any social media marketing campaign. Therefore, if you want to get the best results, your business need the right ways to measure your social media efforts online.

Below we discuss how to use your social media analytics to tweak your social media results.

4 Ways to Use Social Media Analytics

1. Measure what matters

As Social Media Examiner stated in a recent article, “social analytics have their share of vanity metrics that provide very little value.”

Instead of watching the number of followers you have, pay attention to the engagement on your content. What content gets the biggest response? Why? How can you improve your results?

Even more importantly, how many followers, friends, fans, and connections turn into subscribers, prospects, and clients. The best social media analytics not only tell you how your following goes, but also how your interaction and engagement can be improved.

2. What content works best

Do you provide a mix of text, image, and video posts on your social networks? If so, determine how well they do on your social networks. If not, then keep in mind that having a good mix of visuals is vital to your success on all social networks today.

For Facebook fan page admins, you need to go to your Insights to glean the best results. To get there, you click on Insights, then Posts, and finally Posts Types to determine the best types of content.

Facebook can help you determine whether links do better than video posts or images do better than text. All of this could depend on your target market.

Twitter provides a similar service under settings. Go to Tweets after you have checked your analytics. You can see which tweets performed the best.

3. Posting Schedule

Test out what posting schedule works best for your audience.

Facebook and Instagram Insights tell what time of the day your audience is on the respective social networks. Hence, start to analyze the best day and time to post.

For example, from our Facebook Insights, we gathered that the highest concentration of users on our Facebook page is online between 11 AM- 1 PM on Wednesday.

Should we just post on Wednesday? No! But now we know that at least one post every week should run on Wednesday during that time frame.

Use a Tool called Tweriod to help with the same information for Twitter.

While LinkedIn does not have a similar tool, often the mornings are the best time to post on the social network. After all, most professionals check their LinkedIn on their arrival at work.

5. Ad Data

One of the single best inventions of social media is the boosted post. While it is a paid source of traffic, you also get broad access to social networks demographic data.

This can be invaluable as you look through Audience Insights on Twitter and Facebook ads. By targeting your prospects based on strict demographics, you are ensuring that the best prospects receive your information.

Using this allows you to go past buyer personas to a content strategy based on real target audience information. Social media analytics have taken the guesswork out of a lot of your campaigns.

Test out the ads that work best based on how you address client pain points and needs. The more audience information you have, the more you can refine your ads and posts to increase engagement and conversions.

Fortunately, you can even do advertising on social media for only a few dollars per month.

Final Thoughts

As social networks continue to look to improve their ad revenue, they are consistently creating better analytics tools to help businesses use their product. This is a boon for all businesses that want to examine the results fromt their social media campaigns.

Start incorporating your social media analytics results into your decision-making to ensure that you have the best results from your social media marketing efforts. If you need help understanding how to use social media analytics for your business, feel free to give us a Shout for a free initial consultation session.

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