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Online advertisers are excited about a new feature by Google – price extensions. This is the newest feature for mobile text ads, which enables advertisers to include services/products and their prices on search results pages.

Price Extensions – Click-Through Goldmine

Mobile marketing has increased significantly because of the number of users choosing mobile devices versus desktops when shopping.

Google has met the demand by improving the information they provishoppingde mobile web searchers by incorporating price extensions. Price extensions are exactly what you are thinking – it extends the ad to include prices.

Rows of products and services are now presented underneath mobile text ads. The row will have the product or service name, a short description, and the price of it. When users tap on the rows, it brings them to the landing page for the product or service.

Most users think of Google as a research tool, and that is what price extensions help them do. “This structures way of highlighting information makes it easier for people to compare their options and decide if they’re interested in your products and services – right from the mobile search results page” says Senthil Hariramasamy, Senior Product Manager.

It is quick, easy, and useful to users, which is why it is the newest achievement for Google.

Advertisers have already voiced their positive reviews about price extensions, such as Mike Smith, Senior Marketing Manager at Extra Space Storage.

“Our mission is to help consumers find the right unit for their self-storage needs, so we were incredibly excited to see the success of price extensions in our campaigns. By including the unit sizes and prices customers can expect before visiting our website, we’ve seen an 18% lift in CTR when price extensions show with our ads.”

Click-through-rate, or CTR, are the most important gauge of advertising success for advertisers. If they know a particular ad is working, they can tailor their site to convert those warm leads. With price extensions, they will know what it is their consumers are really looking for when searching for their services and products.

WordStream has tracked the success of price extensions by looking at CTR for their clients. They have found that CTR has greatly improved with Google ads since the introduction of price extensions. Mark Irvine, Data Scientist at WordStream says, “Four separate WordStream Managed Services clients saw CTR improvements from these price extensions, averaging 4x the average CTR of their tablet and mobile ads alone! These price extensions also outperformed the performance of sitelink CTRs on the same ads.”

Advertisers can only include a maximum of eight price extensions with a minimum of three with their ad. It’s best to include the most popular services and products.

For special pricing, advertisers can announce sales by adding price extensions. By using the start and end date on those prices, they can display the sale prices for when they are available. Mobile users can take advantage of them simply by clicking on the product or service.

Everything having to do with price extensions can be controlled through the Ad extensions tab. You can add information about services and products on either the account or campaign level. The ad group level is reserved for more detailed information.

One important factor to keep in mind when you are writing descriptions for products and services is keywords. They still matter because only the most relevant ads according will show price extensions. The most relevant ads are related to users’ search terms, which is why keywords are highly significant.

Final Thoughts

The mobile marketing industry is growing at an accelerated rate. Google is keeping up with what users want to see on their mobile devices, and advertisers must follow suit. Price extensions is the newest feature that improves service and product visibility and click through rates on mobile ads.

Advertisers must use the best performing keywords to gain top placement in search engine results and should use all eight price extensions for their services or products. With the right ads and information, site traffic numbers and conversion rates can soar with price extensions.

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