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For years, webmasters told clients they need a mobile friendly site. Apparently Google agrees. In previous years the search giant sent out emails to thousands of website owners telling them they need to ensure their website is mobile compliant. This suggests the first shift for Google towards a major algorithm change in regards to mobile websites. That is not surprising, since 48% of all searches now happen on mobile devices. Furthermore, ComScore reported in 2013 we now consume more digital information from tablets and mobile devices than desktops.
The question is what does Google have in mind, and how can a digital marketing agency and mobile SEO specialists prepare for changes? The three steps below will help you get your website mobile friendly.

Three steps to a mobile friendly website

First, determine if your site is mobile friendly.

Google came out with several tools and guides to help website owners test their mobile friendly status. One of the best tools is the Mobile Friendly test. This test allows users discover whether their website is optimized for mobile according to Google’s standards. Before you do anything else, make sure you know the status of your website. The test takes all of 30 seconds, and is free.
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Second, learn the rules of the road.

Moreover, Google created a series of Mobile SEO reports and guides to help websites switch over to a mobile friendly site if they do not have one already. For all intents and purposes, Google just told you what you need to do if you want mobile traffic in the future. It is written down, so you can make the changes and have a definite aim in how to improve your website.

Third, take action now.

You have a rare opportunity to get your site ready ahead of Google’s new algorithm change. Occasionally Google just changes their algorithm without warning. Take advantage of this opportunity by setting up a mobile site that is SEO friendly, can benefit from mobile ads, to go along with your website. Better yet, change your site over to a mobile responsive theme in WordPress so it can adjust to various tablet and smartphone sizes. Responsive design is better because the website size responds to the size of the browser. This makes it ideal in a society where we have devices of all shapes and sizes that consumers use to access the internet. If your head is spinning then ask for help. Connect with a professional developer who can properly add responsive features on your site without harming your current content and website structure.

Final Thoughts

If you are debating whether your company should become mobile friendly, the decision is made for you. Google wants you to do this, and if you do not you could lose all of your mobile search results to your website. Therefore, if your website got an email from Google you have two choices. Either build out a mobile friendly version of your site, or prepare for a massive drop in Google traffic.
These changes should happen in the next few weeks, so do not wait too long to add responsive design features. If you site did not test out as a mobile responsive, and you have questions feel free to contact us.

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