The Top Three Marketing Trends in Internet Marketing in 2015

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Every year brings its own marketing trends. Just one month into 2015, we see a few trends creating a massive shift in how the internet works for businesses.
We focused in on helping digital marketers with the three biggest trends: mobile usage, millennials, and using the right tools. However, understanding these trends is not enough.
We must test and take proper action based on these trends.

Three Trends Changing Internet Marketing In 2015

Mobile Usage

The first major marketing trends are the continuing increase in mobile usage. You might have heard this already, but it bears reminding that the number of mobile users outpaced desktop devices back in 2013, and continue to grow strong.
This percentage shift will keep increasing as the number of smart phones and tablets come into the market. Our mobile phones are so important to us that according to the Pew Research Center 57% of smart phone owners sleep with their phone next to or on their bed.
It is one of the biggest reasons why comScore reported mobile spending increased 25% year over year from the 2013 to 2014 holiday season.

Action Steps

How do you help your company improve their mobile abilities?
First, make sure your website is now mobile friendly for Google searches. Use Googles’ new Mobile Friendly tool. Second, check our recent article on how to set up a mobile friendly article to understand the steps necessary to make your site is mobile friendly.


The next marketing trend is the rise of the new generation of consumers. The millennials, 18-29, now are taking over as one of the biggest purchasing demographics in the United States. They are literally changing the face of consumers in this country. While Gen X and Baby Boomers are 70% white, the millennials are 61% white and 33% Hispanic and Black. This demographic shift affects how brands present their products. We are no longer the monolithic block from the TV era. Instead, millennials have a wider array of interests and ideas about their world.
Speaking of which, if brands want successful marketing campaigns to millennials, they must understand what they value. This generation is very concerned with being a good parent and being in a successful marriage at a young age. Many of their purchases match these preferences.
Additionally, Millennials are much more likely to be on social networking. 41% of the United States population have a profile on Social Networking. Conversely, 75% of Millennials have a social networking profile. This means brands must connect with Millennials online through social media if they want to thrive. Social media breaks the monolithic problem we discussed above about television.
Next, millennials shop differently from their parents’ generation. Their parents are more likely to go to the store to test and buy a product. However, 63% of millennials check Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter ahead of time to learn about their purchases. This based on their Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping habits. Even more interesting is 60% of millennials will shop on their phone while they are stationary. This means they are not the hurried buyer traditionally associated with mobile purchases. They do this from their home and office to buy products online.
Finally, millennials do not about brands as much as they care about causes. If a brand actively advocates for a cause, then 85% of millennials could be swayed by those decisions. This is a huge shift in how we purchase. Corporate responsibility is more important than ever.

Action Steps

First, have a mobile friendly website. Millennials are constantly online with their devices, and 80% of them make impulse purchases on their phones.
Second, support a cause. Millennials are concerned with what your price, and what you can do for the world. Whether providing a fair minimum wage or creating eco-friendly products, stand for something. Otherwise, you stand to lose a lot of millennial business.

More Resources and Tools

The final marketing trend a digital marketing agency and marketers need to pay attention to in internet marketing is the explosion of tools to help businesses improve every aspect of their online experience. Every day it feels like a new blockbuster idea comes out. Keeping up with new tools is a job by itself. Just the content marketing tools available today are enough to make your head spin. The key is to find something that helps you and stick with it. Do not change every week to a new tool. Find something that works for your business.
In the end, consumers are usually only swayed by a few tools. Therefore, do not stare at the shining lights. Find the products and services that can help you convey your message.

Action Steps

First, discover the best platforms to connect with your customers. 56% of consumers care about the retail sites and 31% are swayed by the blogs they use. Comparatively, Instagram only effects 3% of consumers’ decisions to purchase a product.
Second, get the facts, and start building a solid foundation for your business on internet marketing with those tools. If you are thinking about switching, ask yourself these two questions.

  • What do I not like about my current service?
  • How will the new service fix your greatest challenges?

Final Thoughts

2015 promises to be another great year for internet marketing. As we continue to move forward, businesses are growing ever more tech savvy. With the right tools at their disposal and the ability to connect to a growing mobile, tech savvy audience responsive to their product solutions.
The combination will be a powerful force for change in how marketers approach their consumers. Let us know what you think will be the biggest change affecting 2015 in the comment area below.

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