Is your Marketing Automation Finished?

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Marketing automation is a hot topic for businesses. They feel that is one of the best ways to expand their marketing effort without having to expend more energy.

The challenge is that marketing automation has some major flaws in a digital marketing landscape dominated by personalization and segmentation.

Therefore, if you plan on using marketing automation you need to know how to use correctly. Otherwise, your marketing automation campaign will be finished before it even gets started.

What You Need for a Quality Marketing Automation Campaign

1. Data is everything

If you want to automate your marketing, you need to know exactly what your audience needs from you.

To do this you need a significant amount of marketing data to ensure you can segment, score, and direct leads properly through your sales funnel.

For example, Mitre10 organized their data better for their business.

Shout came in to help map the data flow and processes going to their website. By creating a mapping document that showed the data more conclusively, the staff at Mitre10 improved their decision-making processes.

2. Know your processes

Speaking of improving decision-making processes, data outlines like the one we did for Mitre10 can help any business improve their marketing processes.

That is because a company needs to know exactly what prospects do at each stage of the buying cycle. A process helps companies understand these decisions from a clients’ perspective.

A good marketing automation process should clearly delineate the funnel stages. Then every action, triggers, and business response will work effectively.

Everything should be documented to ensure you have a consistent process for every stage of your funnel.

3. Have a clean MAP

The process should help you create a MAP of the funnel. This will be your guide, so your automated marketing funnel does not need to go the way of the dodo bird.

Tweak it when necessary, and constantly monitor it to ensure you have the best MAP in place for success.

4. Have the right team

Most businesses think marketing automation and assume it runs by itself. However, as you probably noticed a lot of work still has to be done by your team to ensure marketing automation works properly.

If you want to get the best results, then you need to have a team onboarding process. This provides a learning curve to your staff, so they can effectively run your automated campaigns.

Make sure they know everything from the process you use to the integrated marketing tools that allow your business to implement marketing automation correctly.

The more they understand the process, the fewer the mistakes and greater the reward.

One final note: Marketing automation tools constantly turn off or have other technical issues. It is vital your team knows how to monitor the software they use to ensure repairs are made as soon as possible.

Give us a Shout if you need an expert to walk your team through marketing automation onboarding.

5. Measuring results

The most important rule of marketing automation is to constantly test every assumption.

The best way to get more data is to test. Therefore, by testing your assumptions you constantly feed your marketing automation software and team with the best possible outcomes.

By testing everything you get more data. The more data you have, the more accurate your decisions. The more you can measure your results as your marketing automation campaigns evolved.

Final Thoughts

Your marketing automation does not need to be finished. With the right data, processes, and MAP, your team can a marketing automation system that works for your business.

If you need help getting this set up, then contact us at Shout for a free initial consultation. Let us help your marketing automation system improve your lead generation processes today.

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