Lockdown eased, but still no foot traffic? We can fix that.

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Michael Jenkins

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Although we are allowed to return to shops and malls, sales are still flat. Our expert team specialise in creating awareness and foot traffic for retail – both online, and for bricks-and-mortar. We back our strategies so much, we guarantee them. After one coffee, we can guarantee a sales forecast with an X-Chart. 

Below are our core competencies and examples of how our services have helped grow our clients over the past few months in the pandemic. 


  • Baby Bunting – 345% growth during lock down 
  • Cocobella – 25% lift during lock down 
  • Bed Bath N Table – 320% Year on Year 

We have focussed on client’s fast growth search terms and have been working to get quick wins and fast growth. Our technologists have been developing data-driven keyword strategies that create quick uplifts, using high intent keywords to drive more online sales. Our clients have had significant uplifts during Covid, and the threat has been turned into an opportunity for them as a result.


  • LayByLand – 47% lift in sales in 3 months  

On average clicks are 30% cheaper than normal as competition is lower. Use this time to restructure your account and make it ruthlessly efficient through purifying the traffic you have. Tweak pages for conversion to lift your return on ad spend. 

As restrictions lift, use display campaigns localised around store locations to drive awareness and in store traffic. 


  • Mitch Down – 32% Growth in the last 3 months 

People are spending more time on social media than ever before. Facebook has even had to upgrade their infrastructure to cope with the loads. This is a time to get engagement, increase awareness and make sales. 


  • Horseland – 27% growth in 3 months 

This is probably the cheapest and most effective channel. 

  • Use dynamic retargeting to get cross-channel alignment on your shopping campaign. 
  • Install a sense of urgency in your messaging to drive impulse and drive through a call to action.
  • Split your campaigns into new acquisitions and custom audiences. Align your messaging to your EDMS from your lists.

Final Thoughts

If you would like to see how any of the above can impact your business, call Shout today and see what X-Chart you are capable of hitting.

If you want to understand more ways to grow fast, view articles on our website, or call 1300 361 244 or email michael[email protected] today.

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