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Some compare Google to the Consumer’s God – it knows what everyone is thinking at any one time around the world. This power is legitimate, with 62 billion searches around the world everyday. We can tap into this, and other data streams to understand the demand, or lack thereof, for products we want to promote. 

Below are some of those tools to look at the demand. 

Keyword Search Tool

Google keyword search tool provides data on keywords volume of Google in the past month. As its Google owned data, it’s often the first source for traffic data and cost per clicks on keywords. 


This tool is excellent for finding less generic search results. And phrases and questions that people type into Google along the user journey. These keywords can cost less per click than more category generic keywords. It becomes an excellent source of keywords as you scale up a campaign. 

Answer The Public 

Answer The Public is a great tool to mine questions that people are asking regarding the product you are looking to sell. Search behaviour has changed significantly over recent years with voice search and Google understanding user intent behind the questions they ask. It also visualises the keywords into an easy to understand and easily digestible format. 

Research Amazon, eBay & AliExpress 

  • Check through Amazon’s Best Sellers list
  • Amazon Storefronts 
  • Amazon’s Movers & Shakers lists 
  • eBay’s Trends 
  • AliExpress Weekly Best Sellers lists 
  • Focus on sponsored products, frequently bought together, and customers bought together sections as clues for demand, margin & behaviour 
  • Use Google Chrome extensions such as Unicorn Scout & Jungle Smasher to help find monthly estimated revenue through marketplace products 

Research Sites with Top Ranking Results

Do external research to keywords and marketplace insights, and research competitors on Google Search. See what keywords they are ranking for and how present they are on search engines. Also, find new competitors and analyse their product and pricing strategy. 

Social Media Sentiment

It’s insane the amount of data that we can gather from onsite reviews, review platforms and third-party review websites. It allows you to find out what it is about your products that consumers are most hyped about. And also, what they are complaining about. This is invaluable data on how to position your product offering and create the best product to market fit. 

Final Thoughts

If you would like to explore simple ways you can leverage these tools to better understand your market and exploit latent demand, we can help you. We will use these tools to create your bespoke X-Chart, which will guarantee sales for current and future products. 

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