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Great news! Instagram retargeted ads are now here! The visual social network now has the ability to use retargeted ads just like you would on Facebook.
This is great if you are looking to increase the mobile traffic to your website. Now, you can ensure you do not lose someone after they visited your website the first time.
Even better! Like many features, you can run your Instagram retargeted ad campaigns directly from your Facebook ad manager.

What exactly is the importance of Instagram Retargeted Ads?

The average ecommerce site has a 33% bounce rate after seeing the first page. This means that at least one out of every three visitors will leave before they even get to the shopping cart page.
An even cheerier thought is that 68.63% of all prospects leave your site while on your shopping cart. To put this in perspective, 100 people visit your store. 67 go to your shopping cart.
Only 21 are left by the time they are ready to purchase. In a perfect world with no distractions, 21 out of 100 is really good. However, statistics show that retail conversion rates were at 3.48% in the last quarter of 2015.
Are you starting to see why retargeting users on Instagram is important now?
If not, we want to add that 81% of buyers do research before they purchase. This means many of these visitors have every intention of returning at a time when they are ready, and never do.
For whatever reason, they disappear in the world wide web never to return again. That is unless you have a way to retarget them to come back to your site from Instagram, Facebook, or other retarget marketers.
Instagram is a perfect place to for an ecommerce site to use retargeted ads.
After all, Instagram is a visual social network. With all of the photos and videos on the site, many Instagrammers expect to see visuals from familiar brands.
That is one of the reasons why Instagram shoppers spend twice as much time on the platform as non-shoppers. It is like a never-ending window shopping session for consumers.
Because of this 60% of shoppers discover products on Instagram. Furthermore, 75% of Instagram users “take an action” on an Instagram product post.

Simple Steps to Improve Instagram Retargeted Ads

Now that you understand the value of using Instagram retargeted ads, let’s discuss some simple steps to include them in your advertising mix.

  1. Set up Facebook Pixel- The most important thing for retargeted ads is that you need to have a previous audience who is interested in your information. The best way to start that is to use the Facebook pixels that you use for Facebook retargeted ads.

Go to the Facebook Power Editor in Chrome. In the menu, you can see the Facebook pixels. If you do not have a Facebook pixel already, create one.
If you do, copy and paste the code they provide into the appropriate section of your website. For those who use WordPress, you can input it into a Facebook p pixel plugin.
Keep in mind that if you do not have a lot of traffic coming to your website it takes time to have a sizeable retargeted ad list. However, when you do generate enough traffic to your website, it can really improve your results.

  1. Design Your Retargeting Ad- Setting up an ad for Instagram retargeted ads is very similar to the regular ads you create.

Design an ad on the Facebook Ad Manager. The biggest difference from setting up a regular Facebook ad is that you need to use the custom retargeted audience from your website traffic in the target audience section.
You also need to associate your website with a Facebook page. This way, when you do boosted posts Facebook knows the retargeted web traffic belongs to the same fan page.
If you have any questions about how to design an ad on Instagram, call us at Shout at 1300 360 037. Our experts are here to help you.

  1. Coordinated Campaign- You might find it better to create a coordinated campaign across Facebook and Instagram. This way, your ads reinforce each other on different social networks to the same users.

As we mentioned in our recent post on Social Media Ad Budgets, Instagram ads are great for businesses looking to connect with an extremely visual and mobile audience.
They provide the additional branding along with Facebook to target a mobile audience enthralled with your image ads.

Final Thoughts

As we discussed earlier, if you have traffic coming to your site, and need to convert upon that traffic then Instagram ads can give you the boost to do so.
However, you need to ensure your strategy works well not just on Instagram. You must coordinate it with Facebook to leverage your retargeting campaigns.
If you have any questions about how to improve your own Instagram retargeted ads, then let us know how Shout can help you. Our team of social media experts is ready to help you optimize your Instagram retargeted ad campaigns.

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