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Do you ever struggle to come up with great blog ideas for your website? After all, you need to make sure that the value of your content remains at a high-level.

To help, we have come up with different blog post ideas, so you generate more traffic and conversions.

Five blog post ideas

1. Always be on the lookout

Great bloggers always keep a journal with them because they never know when a good idea will come to mind. Sometimes, it can be at a grocery store, while at other times an industry conference. The critical point is you have a way to record these ideas.

If you don’t want to carry a journal, then use an app like Evernote or Open Note to record your thoughts. Don’t let a great idea go to waste!


2. Ask your team

Sometimes the best ideas come from other members of your team who see the challenges your customers face from different perspectives.

By encouraging someone in operations and another person in sales to come up with ideas, you get a more diverse set of blog posts. Also, it reduces the onus on one person to continually come up with content for your business.

If you have a dedicated copywriter that is one thing. However, most retail stores cannot hire a full-time content writer. Therefore, it benefits everyone in the company to share the load when it comes to content creation.

3. Blog post idea generators

The first tool to consider is Google itself. If you want search traffic, you might use tools like the Google AdWords keyword planner and Google Search to see what keywords people look for in your niche.

Additionally, you might want to check out HubSpot’s blog idea generator or Portents Content Idea Generator for additional blog post topics.

As you use these tools, study what makes the titles exciting to you. Then think about if they excite your readers as well. The more content you post, the more you can test whether your assumption was right.

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4. Customer questions

Assuming you’ve been in business for at least one to two years, you probably already know the top 10 to 20 questions customers ask on a regular basis.

Therefore, your best option for getting new targeted clients like those you now have is to look at their questions. Use your blog to answer them.

Additionally, if you have a frequently asked questions section on your website, you might want to use the blog to give detailed answers to those topics. By answering your customers’ questions, you provide them with the information they need to purchase your products. That is the power of quality content marketing.

5. Trends

The final idea is to keep track of the different patterns in your market. For example, if you own a toy store, look at the new movies coming out for kids.

Maybe you can write posts that let parents know about the products you carry related to these movies. You could add exciting tidbits of information covering what customers want to know.

Every industry is different, so use what’s going on in the world in the area of pop culture and the top trends to help your audience engage with your content. The key is that you have a strategy that works with things that are new in the industry.

For instance, right now in Australia the buy now, pay later (BNPL) movement is strong. We have been doing a lot of work in that area to help retailers improve their sites to generate more BNPL traffic from Google. The more content we create on the topic, the more we help our customers understand how we can help them integrate this service into their marketing mix.

That only happens when we keep up with the trends in our industry.

Final thoughts

Coming up with a great blog post can be a lot easier than you think if you use the ideas discussed above. You will be surprised once you start writing down topics how easy they come to you after a while. Most experienced bloggers problem is that they have too many ideas to write about and not enough time to create those pieces.

However, in the beginning, it can be a challenge. Therefore, if you have trouble coming up with ideas even after considering these tips, then contact us for a free consultation today!

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