The Growing Value of Google Click to Call for Retailers

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You need a new pair of shoes, so you log onto your smartphone to search for the best Nikes you can find in your area. One slight problem. They do not have a price listed on the website.

Fortunately, with a quick click of your thumb you are hooked up to Google click-to-call. You talk to a sales person on the phone, and find out they have one last pair of the brand you wanted. You tell them you will be there in 30 minutes, and they put it on hold for you.

This is the modern era of Buy online, pick up at the store (BOPIS) shopping, and Google Click to Call is one of the centrepieces of this shopping revolution.

In fact, a recent survey of Australian smartphone users, discovered that 66% of users think it is important or very important to be able to contact businesses directly from search results.

If your business wants to benefit from the BOPIS revolution, here are a few things they need to benefit from Google click-to-call technology.

5 Steps You Need to Benefit from Google Click-to-Call

1. Google My Business

Make sure you claimed your Google My Business page. This is the Google page that provides local information about retail stores. By claiming your business, you can keep up-to-date information about your store for Google.

It is not a replacement for a quality website, but a good way to get free, local traffic to your store.

2. Verify NAP

Speaking of keeping up-to-date information, as we discussed in our article on How to Improve Local Google Search Results, you need to verify your NAP information. This is your company name, address, and corporate phone number.

If the information is incorrect, it can have obviously dire effects upon your business. Verify that your information is correct in order to receive the traffic you need. Otherwise, people might be calling other stores or worse getting a disconnected phone number when they call you.

Too many complaints on the wrong information can tank your Google local results, as well as the number of Google click-to-calls. It sounds basic, but it is a crucial step for any retail business.

3. Mobile Friendly

I know this article might be bringing up some basic notions about local search marketing, but we want to spell it out just in case.

You need to have a mobile-friendly website to receive qualified traffic for Google Click-To-Call. While it does not affect your website traffic directly, users need to be able to easily navigate your site. Otherwise, they may not have the patience to call your store.

Since click-to-call works predominantly with mobile devices, having a mobile-friendly website improves mobile search results. This in turn allows you to land in the local 3-pack, which then gives customers more chances to use your click-to-call number.

4. List your business hours

Customers who call from Google want immediate answers. If you have a phone number listed and consumers call you at 3 PM in the afternoon they will probably move on if they do not hear a response.

Therefore, it is best to list your hours so Google can display your phone number only during the times you are open for business. Google also informs users that a business is closed, so they do not waste their time calling you in off hours.

All you need to do then is make sure you have someone who can answer the phone during the hours you are open. Remember the old adage to pick up before the second ring.

5. Google AdWords

Once your Google My Business and mobile website is set up, you can create Google AdWords campaign for customers to call you about your services.

This allows you to generate immediate search traffic that can be replaced faster as Google drives traffic to your business while your local page gains organic search traction.

Also, the great thing about this traffic is that it is trackable. This way you can monitor the traffic coming to your business to determine if you need to make any changes to your current set up.

Final Thoughts

Google Click-to-Call has a number of tremendous benefits to retailers looking to benefit from the surge in Buy now, Pick Up Online trend. However, to receive that benefit you need to have your Google My Business page set up correctly.

Once you do, you can begin driving traffic from organic and paid search. If this all sounds a bit much, or you want to improve your results from Google Click-to-Call results then contact us for an initial, Free consultation today!

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