Get Pinned: The Road to 10,000 Visitors/Month through Pinterest

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Yes, you read that title right. Successful marketers all over have done it using a step-by-step process agile description. And as intimidating as the goal may be, 10,000 new visitors a month is more than doable. All you need is persistence and a time-tested plan of action.

A Follow-worthy Account

The first thing you need is to setup a Pinterest account that will drive in followers and strong leads from your target audience. Don’t aim to just impress the hobbyists or professionals who really need you. Instead, you need to prioritize people with needs.
How to do this? It boils down to 5 things:

  1. Brand Name – Your account name can either be your real name with accurate spelling or the name of your business.
  2. Concise Description – People don’t visit social sharing sites to read heavy paragraphs about your company’s history or your past experiences. Keep it short, sweet, and spot-on. A two-liner should be enough to captivate your target audience.
  3. Logo – You should consider having a logo made specifically for your Pinterest account. Whatever you do, do not settle for a plain logo!
  4. ‘Boards’ – With Pinterest, you can create boards to categorize your content. You can use this to further define your audience.
  5. Website URL – In addition to establishing your authority to your followers, a link coming to your money site basically allows you to reap the benefits of your efforts.

Creating Killer Pins

The next step is to use the platform and expose your service offerings. It’s astoundingly hard to mess this up. First, remember the key components of a highly shareable pin:

  • High quality image from the page you’re linking to (product page, blog post, landing page, etc.)
  • A link to the actual page
  • A non-repeated, relatable idea
  • Inspiration to do action
  • Proper board placement (be sure it’s in the right category)

You can say that the image is the most important part of a pin. Many years of marketing on Pinterest have helped experts detect what image types users love to share:

  1. Breathtaking Background Image with Clear Text Overlay
  2. High-quality Infographics (with useful and updated information)
  3. Custom-made Graphics

The next step is to rinse and repeat. Try publishing pins on different times and see how it affects the number of re-pins and likes. Pretty soon, your followers would’ve grown and your target audience’s preferences should become clearer.

Earn Followers through Pinterest Contests

Pinterest users love a chance to be rewarded for engaging in activities aligned to their interests. This is why more and more e-commerce businesses are growing exponentially by holding contests that reward their target audience for pretty much advertising their brand.
To do this, be sure to come up with simple contest mechanics that are easy and fun to do. More importantly, a contest should be your top priority once you decide to commit. It can’t be just a side project of your marketing strategy. Keep in mind that is counterproductive to have a contest if only a few people will enter.
In addition to raising awareness for your brand, you can also leverage contests to generate true leads. You should at least have your email subscription landing page ready for your contestants. This is important since email subscribers are still stronger leads than social media followers.

Scour the Competition

Why look for new audiences when you can simply look at your competitor’s leads? First, take a look at the cream of the crop. Top competitors should already have thousands of qualified followers who are already interested in what you have to offer.
Alternatively, you can find potential audiences using search keywords. All you have to do is to use the built-in search function on Pinterest, look for something related to your business, and observe the people who share or like a particular pin. Those are your potential leads.
Now, you can basically just ‘poke’ them by following them yourself. Keep an eye out for inactive users as they are not worth the effort. Depending on the market you’re in, there’s a chance that a good portion of those users will follow you back. 

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