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One of the most preferred methods of online marketing is pay per click (PPC) advertising. Advertisers love the quality traffic they receive from PPC campaigns.

However, quality traffic is only one part of the equation. The other part is ensuring that your PPC landing page is optimised for the highest number of conversions.

That is why we want to help you improve your PPC landing page to accomplish those goals.

10 Ideas for a Better PPC Landing Page

  1. Focus your landing page– The first key is to focus in on one specific topic. Too many marketers send visitors to the home page or some generic services page. That is a good way to lose conversions.

Your landing page needs to be a continuation of the PPC ad you displayed.
Here are the best ways to provide continuity.

First, create a focused landing page with one objective. Squeeze pages are traditional examples of this type of marketing.

Take legendary copy website, CopyBlogger squeeze page to get their list of 20+ eBooks, you need to sign up to their list.

Second, ecommerce sites found success with category pages. These categories should be based on specific keywords.

For example, check out the Orvis.Com landing page for the keyword dog beds. They have a great graphic that shows what the beds would look like for different sized dogs.

  1. Make the ad and landing page match– Along with keeping the same theme, your ad copy and PPC landing page should be a perfect match. Take the example below.

You want to drive visitors to your HP 255 G4 laptop. Do not send an HP laptop ad to a Compaq ad. The user could be brand sensitive, which would only decrease your conversion rate. Plus, they might wonder if you know what you are doing.

The more relevant your ad is to your landing page, the higher your Quality Score. The Quality Score (QS) is the score Google Ads assigns to PPC ads to determine how valid the ad is to the users search intent. The lower the score, the more you pay for a click on your ad.

  1. Test your graphics and images– Another item you want to consider is testing the graphics and images you use for your landing page.

Image positions and different types of graphic perform differently depending upon your industry.

  1. Remove the navigation– Another way to reduce distractions so visitors stay on your landing page is to remove the navigation. While including the navigation does not decrease your QS, it distracts visitors while on your website.
  2. Redirect old landing pages– The best PPC marketers have numerous landing pages. This is a smart strategy to test out which components of a site do best.

The problem is that many landing pages are out of date. Avoid this by using 301 redirects to turn the visitor over to a working, updated landing page.

  1. Social proof- Using reviews, recommendations, and testimonials boost your trust factor with your audience. 88% of online users trust reviews as much as a personal recommendation.

If they are coming from a search engine then they might not believe you when you toot your own horn.

  1. Detail and length– Consider the amount of detail and length you have for your landing page. If you have a technical audience, you need to have a very detailed landing page that is long and filled with content.

If you are selling products to busy entrepreneurs, then you need a 1-2 minute video and a short, concise landing page message. They are too busy to watch all of your content. Making it quick and easy can, therefore, increase your conversion rate.

  1. Clear call to action– If your user has no clue how to sign up for your product, or is looking around the Call to Action (CTA) they will probably just leave.

Look at the CTA for Tropo. Within seconds, you know what they want you to do next. Click the button to Get Started Now (Free).

  1. Mobile friendly– Over 30% of all ecommerce transactions happen on mobile devices. Over50% of search engine traffic happens on mobile devices.

This means your PPC landing page needs to have a mobile component to reduce your costs and increase your lead generation.

  1. Fast load-If your website page takes too long to load, then visitors leave. Make sure your website loads quickly, so you can keep your QS up. The more visitors who bounce on a website, the more Google charges you.

This is the biggest incentive to streamline your PPC landing page.

Bonus: Measure your results to ensure that the changes you make work for your audience. In the end, you need to test each component of your website to turn it into a more effective lead generator.

Final Thoughts

Improving your landing page requires a bit of work. Like we mentioned above, you need to create multiple landing pages to determine which page is the best for your needs.

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