7 Top Conversion Rate Optimization Strategies

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The biggest question in digital marketing today is not how to get traffic to your website. It is what do I do with the traffic that comes to my website.
While every business owner envisions generating traffic to their website, few have the conversion rate optimisation strategies in place to ensure this traffic turns into customers.

It is time to correct this wrongdoing. Below are 7 proven strategies to help you increase your conversion rate on your website.

7 Conversion Rate Optimisation Strategies

1. Relevant content

We discussed previously in Turning Content into Leads the Right Way how no strategy will work if your site does not have information relevant to your audience.

All the other strategies we discuss below are worthless without mentioning this first. It is essential that you understand what your audience wants and how you can help them.

Then you can use the strategies below because you know they work with your audience.

To do this, you need to identify your target market. If you do not know exactly who your target market is, then we recommend you take a look at your past and current clients to assess who they are.

Ask them why they work with you, and why they need your services? In essence, determine the pain points they have to work with you. This is the key to understanding how you can convert more clients.

The answers they provide you can become some of your most viewed and shared content.

2. Add sticky elements

While reading this article, did you notice the chat feature on our site? It is a sticky element designed to help engaged readers ask questions specific to their needs.

That is because we believe that communicating with individual customers is how we grow our business and keep clients happy.

The chat feature also allows us to have conversations with potential customers immediately. Therefore, if you are ready to move forward with a project or have an immediate need we can help.

The chat is sticky because it is visible and memorable.

3. Use video

The best way to convert prospects into clients is to create a personal relationship with them. Let them know that you are more than the coding on your website.

Video has the power to help you influence and persuade your audience in a way that other media channels cannot do. Plus, is a versatile feature that can be used for anything from explainer videos and product demos to customer testimonials.

Just a quick final point on videos. Make sure you engage them with an interesting video that keeps them awake and excited throughout the video. Otherwise, very few viewers will stay on when you share your product with them.

4. Mobile Site

Is your website mobile responsive? As we discussed in our eCommerce conversion optimization article, over 50% of internet usage now occurs on the mobile device. This means that a mobile site is a necessity for you to capture smartphone and tablet leads.

Using responsive design in your website makes it possible for your site to work with screens of almost any size and shape.

If you have any questions about how to set up a responsive design website, feel free to contact our team.

5. Use Social Proof

No one wants to be a guinea pig for your services. You can be the cheapest service provider in the area (not the recommended way to get clients), but if you do not provide the value of your competitors it does not matter.

How do you prove that you deliver value? You get third party testimonials and other social proof to bolster your case.

Don’t believe us, then check out our case studies. A few of our clients allowed us to publish the results of our work, which we can then share with future clients to grow our business.

If you are not getting social proof for your business, then you could struggle.

6. A/B testing

The next thing you need to do is complete A/B testing. The reality is that no company has all of the answers about what does the best in terms of conversation rate optimisation.

By testing your assumptions against a specific element you can determine the best course of action for your website.

This is easier with all of the A/B split testing tools like Optimizely, AB Tasty, and the new Google A/B testing tools available.

7. Personalised Offers

We live in the era of personalisation. Our grandparents’ generation talked about how mass manufacturing changed their life. Well, our generation will talk about how large companies can personalise the experience such a wide array of customers.

One way to do this is to have multiple offers for your clients.

A great way to do this is through multiple landing pages. If your business generates a lot of revenue from your list this can be life-changing.

Sites that have over 40 landing pages get up to 12 times more leads than sites with 5 or less landing pages. Computer manufacturer Dell Computers has over 1,000 landing pages for different offers.

It goes to prove that everyone wants something different. The more you personalise your offer, the more you can reach a larger array of clients.

Final Thoughts

How do you plan on converting your website visitors into clients? Which of these digital marketing strategies that we mentioned here resonate the most with you?

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