7 Incredible Strategies to Increase Facebook Shares and Likes

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Facebook marketing is part science and part art. Fortunately, for your business to increase Facebook shares and likes you can rely more upon the science. That is because marketers have vastly improved the strategies to use in order to increase engagement on the social network.
That is why we want to discuss some of the top strategies your company can use to increase Facebook shares and likes for your business page.

7 ways to increase Facebook shares and likes

  1. Jump in front of trends- A great method that has worked for countless entrepreneurs on Facebook has been to jump in front of the trends.

While it is impossible to predict all of the trends for Facebook, fortunately Facebook does let users know what is trending on the social network.
They let you know what is happening around the world, and also in politics, science, sports, and entertainment.
Just a word to the wise. Do not jump on a serious trend while promoting your product. Kenneth Cole once made this mistake during the Egyptian revolution by tweeting, “Millions are in uproar in #Cairo. Rumor is they heard our new spring collection is now available online.”
This is often listed as one of the biggest fails of early social media marketers. Do not use other people’s tragedy for your personal gain.

  1. Call to action– One of the best ways to get people to engage with your content is to ask them to “Please share” or “feel free to comment below.”

Studies discovered that the word “Please Help” is 6 times more effective than using “Visit.”
Similarly asking fans to like the post increases the number of likes from .2% to .4% above average. Similar results happen when you use ask people to comment or share the post.

  1. Edgerank– Facebook uses Edgerank as a system to determine which posts get viewed the most and by whom in your network.

Usually to determine Edgerank, they use a combination of Affinity, Weight, and Decay.
Affinity describes the relationship between the user and poster.  Weight evaluates the post based on how many of these type of posts you have created in the past.
Finally, decay looks at when you posted last. This means you need to post on a continual basis, not just once in a while when you feel like it.
That being said, when you post highly shareable content on Facebook (e.g. pictures of cats or brain teasers that require a response), you can usually vastly increase the number of likes, shares, and comments.
By doing so, you boost the Edgerank of that post and future posts. This way, your posts will be viewed by more followers in the future.
Therefore, combining Affinity, Weight, and Decay with highly shareable content fuels more traffic, sales, and engagement from your Facebook page.

  1. Evaluate data- With any marketing endeavor, you need to know how well it is performing. That is part of the reason why you need to be able to evaluate the data on your previous posts to improve your future rankings.

Therefore, it is best if you use Facebook Insights to measure the success of your organic and sponsored posts.
You can improve upon your current marketing efforts by studying where you got the most engagement, impressions, and clicks to your website.
Finally, admins have the option to export Facebook insights to the desktop to review later.


  1. Status posts and comments- While visuals are a very important component of Facebook content creation, studies revealed that text status posts get more comments than links and visual posts.

That is probably because they are easy to absorb in most cases, as well as easy to respond to the user. Videos and images generally get the majority of the attention. Similarly, if you click on a link to another page, you are probably not going to go back to comment on Facebook.
From an Edgerank perspective, this is something you can take advantage of to increase the number of views on additional posts.

  1. Optimize every blog post for sharing– Just like optimizing your blog posts for seo, you should optimize your social media posts for social media.

To do this, you need to create proper Open Graph (og) meta tags on your websites. When you create your content from your blog or website it gets shared correctly on social media.
Quick Sprout used proper custom og titles and descriptions to increase their Facebook traffic by 174%.

  1. Add share buttons to emails– Part of the reason you use social media is to help grow your prospective email list. However, do not think that once a prospect gets on your list you can stop using social media.

Instead, this is where you should increase your social media activity. That is because your list can be one of the greatest sources of likes, shares, and comments on Facebook.
Include your social media buttons in your email posts, and also remind subscribers to share the content you share on your blog to their Facebook network.

Final Thoughts

When you look through the data of your Facebook posts, you can begin the process of optimizing your strategy. In the meantime, focus on ways to improve your Edgerank.
By working with your Facebook fans, you can create amazing content where they hunger for more. While at the same time, you can increase the traffic and conversions to your website.
This can all happen with the right Facebook strategy that focuses on shares and likes on the social network. If you have any questions about how to do this, please feel free to give us a Shout!

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