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It is hard to believe, but 2018 is upon us. As we look to the new year, it is important to focus on 2018 search engine and digital marketing trends that will produce the greatest gains in our business over the next year.

Changing technology plays a vital role in using strategies like AI and analytics. Using these techniques to your advance could improve your search engine results.

On the other side, core strategies like branding, influencer, and content marketing will remain a part of your marketing mix.

We talk about how these hot trends affect the search engine landscape in 2018.

5 Search Engine & Digital Marketing Trends for 2018

1. Branding

As SEO and social media become more competitive, you need to create a specific brand. A niche that separate yourself from your competitors. Start by researching your competitors to see what differentiates yourself from the rest.

search and digital marketing trends

Next, use social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn to build a long-term company brand. This works hand in hand with the content strategy we discuss below in the 5th trend.

Finally, local businesses should have a presence on Yelp, AngiesList, and other local directory/social sites.

2. Voice Search

voice search

When mobile overtook desktop searches in 2015, businesses acceded their site needed to be responsive.

Today this is more important than ever, since voice increasingly dominates local search requests.

The ease of use is staggering. You click your smartphone and a few seconds later the answer you want magically appears.

Therefore, you need a mobile-friendly site with quality speed if you want to profit from this trend.

Marketers must determine what their customers want, so they can keep up with the times.

One of the biggest things they want right now is easy. If you can make it easy for them while they are on their mobile devices, they will like your brand that much more.

3. Iot and Analytics

As data and analytics increase, the rise in productivity rises as well. Currently, over 8.4 Billion IoT devices exist. This is an increase of 30% from last year. However, this is just the beginning.

The avalanche of devices will change many industries. One of the biggest benefactors of this change will be data. This data needed analysis for a host of services including search.

Therefore, one of the biggest changes will happen behind the scenes in 2018.

As more data from devices comes in, companies will improve their organic and paid search efforts.

The challenge for the first time in history is not enough data, but how do we analyze this data for better results. However, this data is key to squeeze more out of their search engine marketing and optimisation campaigns.

4. Influencers

You probably heard about studies indicating how 45% of people buy products on the internet recommended to them. The best place to find the influencers behind these recommendations is social media.

The wonderful thing about influencer marketing on social media is how it helps your search strategy as well. Influencers helps you reach a larger audience, increase your engagement, and website mentions.

This activity gives backlinks and higher levels of engagement. Both are ranking factors Google looks at when ranking your site for organic traffic.

The key is to find an influencer in a related field to yours who has the audience you need to connect with to sell your wares.

5. Content

Every year marketers tell businesses they need content. This year it seems to be on everyone’s mind. According to a poll from Smart Insights, over 20% of marketers believe content marketing is vital to your 2018 marketing plan.

digital marketing trends 2018

You can use content in every aspect of your lead generation funnel. Content generates quality awareness on social media and blog posts. It also gives search traffic to landing pages that match the ads you create on Google.

Final Thoughts

The biggest changes to search engines in 2018 seem to be the discoveries we make once we analyse all this data.

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