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To test your sites mobile usability, you need to be 100% sure that the site works before customers visit. Having the right tools goes a long way towards helping your business ensure that they have the right mobile website set up for their users.

14 Mobile Usability Tools

1.Intuition HQ Analyzes how users interact with your website, as well as recording how long it takes users to perform specific functions on your site.

  1. Appsee A fully functional website analytics tool helps you see touch heat maps to see where mobile users literally put their thumb on your website. They have session recordings, so you can see what test consumers think while visiting your site. This is a premium tool with a free 14-day trial.
  2. Swrve­- An app marketing solution that helps you track your efforts on your mobiles App. You can use Swrve for A/B tests, segmentation features, and integration with your email marketing efforts.
  3. Arise An A/B testing platform to help you determine the best variations on iOS and Android platforms. You can test almost any feature or variation of your mobile app. Arise has a freemium model for low traffic startups, as well as professional versions for larger mobile customers.
  4. SimpleUsability’s beMobile Detect usability issues on your mobile website by identifying the journey your visitors take when they get to your site or app.
  5. UserZoom– A premium provider on mobile usability. UserZoom has a number of different features. The primary feature is tests what users say about your mobile presence in their natural environment to best understand how users interact with your mobile site.

This is an un-moderated testing environment, which means you do not have people going into a lab to evaluate your website. You receive input from real people testing your mobile site and/or app from their home. The pricing on this is for larger companies. Do not use this unless you have an established mobile presence.

  1. Gomez A score based free mobile readiness test. Your mobile site is judged based on 30 different mobile web best practices, along with solutions to fix any challenges. Gomez is free, you just need to provide them with some company information to access the report
  2. Google Mobile-Friendly Test- Google’s easy to use mobile-ready test to ensure your site is good enough to receive mobile traffic from the search giant.
  3. Adobe Edge Inspect CC– Helping developers preview mobile applications across iOS and Android devices. Adobe Edge Inspect allows users to see the real-time results from items like HTML, CSS, and Javascript.
  4. MobiReady– Test your mobile sites’ W3C compliance in comparison to the mobile-readiness industry best practices and standards. The site provides you with a score and analysis to help you improve your mobile marketing efforts. This is a free test.
  5. W3C mobileOK Checker– A free mobile-friendliness tool checker. Having multiple options to determine the mobile interface of your website can be very helpful to ensure you get the full picture.
  6. CrossBrowserTesting You can test your site on over 130 different browsers across 25 different operating systems. This is great for testing your site on iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, and other platforms. Prices vary based on the number of users accessing the system and the number of test minutes used to explore the viability of the site on the different platforms.
  7. BrowserStack. Another web-based browser test to see what your site looks like across different browsers. You can even use the mobile emulators for Apple iOS, Android, and Opera Mobile to test the site usability on different devices. The price is relatively inexpensive.
  8. Perfecto Mobile Instead of testing your mobile site on emulators and browser sites, you can use Perfecto Mobile to see how your looks like on live mobile handsets and tablets in different locations. You can test and monitor the sites remotely through their MobileCloud platform. The pricing on this has a hour project, as well as a monthly hourly plan.

Final Thoughts

Going through this list, choose a few of the best tools for your business. Then examine how usable your website is on multiple platforms. The more you know about the usability of your site, the more you can effectively use your mobile website to generate leads for your business.

If you still have any questions, feel free to give us a Shout to ensure your mobile site generates the traffic, branding, and leads you deserve.

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