November 21, 2017

AI Impact on SEO

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Michael Jenkins
Michael Jenkins

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The first search engines started before the internet existed. Back in the 1940’s academics came together to build a body of knowledge making it easy for users to find information. These early web pioneers were the first to look at how to index the content.

In 1993 when there were only a few hundred websites, which is why they started creating more complicated search engines. The first was Archie.

Fast forward to today when you have over 1 billion websites. The ability to break through the noise requires more sophisticated technology today.

If you want to improve your results you need to have a more sophisticated approach. This is why artificial intelligence (AI) is so important to any business looking to use search engine optimisation today.

What is AI? How does it relate to SEO?

Artificial intelligence are the algorithms and data used to determine the best results. The data uses content, links, user behaviour, trust, and citations to help users receive the information they requested.

Businesses that want to enjoy this intelligence must have the right combination of data to help customers.

Below we discuss some strategies to help you with this process.


Using AI for SEO

1. User Intent

Keywords still play a part in search. However, the intent of the users increased in importance over the past few years. Keywords give a clue as to what information someone wants. However, monitoring past behaviours enables search engines to give more accurate results in the future.

As Jordan Kasteler stated, “Algorithms will continue to learn from themselves and adapt to become more intelligent… It’ll become more important than ever for SEO Agencies to understand their audience and serve their needs. A good user experience with compelling content will no longer be semi-optional.”

Marketers can study the paths users take to work with a brand in order to understand what the best user experience is for each prospect.

In the end, the more you think like your customer, the better your search results on Google.

2. Real Time Data

The biggest change in Digital Marketing over the past decade is the increase in data for marketers to use to improve their search marketing.

So much data comes in now the problem is not finding data. The challenge is managing this data fast enough to improve marketing efforts.

As data becomes more real-time, we will start to see AI aggregate data and analyze it as well.

Right now, you still need a human at the helm. However, with the right processes and supervision this is the next wave of the future.

That should not stop you from using the data right now to improve your SEO return on investment.

If you need help analysing the data you collected from your search engine optimisation campaigns contact us at Shout Agency.

3. Branding

As keywords and links become less relevant with the increased power of AI, businesses need to focus more on improving their brand.

Using social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn will help you connect with customers. Search engines use the engagement you receive as a sign of how often to show your content on search engines.

Therefore, the more you grow your brand, the more you improve your search efforts as well. When doing enterprise SEO for enterprise businesses, branding is one of the most important factors.

4. Local Search

Improve your local search results as well. Some of the biggest AI changes should be with user location searches on mobile devices.

If your retail location wants to benefit from these changes you need to look at ways to improve their local search rankings.

Adding quality local citations and reviews is vital for any business looking to get attention from search engine AI’s.

Note: The more positive interactions your customers have, the more attention Google’s algorithm gives to your local store.

5. Go niche

If you must explain to a computer what you do and why visitors should visit you, then your website is too vague. You are not alone. Most websites deal in commonalities.

This change presents a disadvantage to large corporations who want to take care of everyone. Conversely, small businesses with distinct niches gain. Google’s RankBrain analyzes websites to see what is a good site and what is a bad site.

Concentrate your content on a specific niche, to increase your traffic from Google.

Final Thoughts

Artificial Intelligence increasing speed and efficiency changes how search engine marketing forever.

If you want to take advantage of these changes in AI contact us for a free consultation session.

Book a free 45 minute consultation today.

    Book a free 45 minute consultation today.

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