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      A digital marketing agency that guarantees growth? Yep, that’s us

      Our team has decades of experience and dozens of proprietary tools that let us be so sure of the size of the prize for your organisation, we can guarantee it.

      Shout digital marketing agency gives you provable and effective digital marketing. We know results matter. We understand performance. We pride ourselves on delivering ROI. We’re open. We’re honest. We’re transparent. We’re accountable. And that’s how we’ve been able to build a digital marketing agency that can continue to push boundaries for our valued clients, every day, delivering extraordinary results time and time again. To be the best digital marketing agency you have to deliver the best digital marketing service. So the digital marketing experts at Shout make your business problems our business problems.

      Shout digital marketing agency gives you provable and effective digital marketing. We know results matter. We understand performance. And we pride ourselves on delivering ROI. It’s why we’ve become one of the top digital agencies in Australia.

      We’re open. We’re honest. We’re transparent. We’re accountable. And that’s how we’ve been able to build a marketing agency that can continue to push boundaries for our valued clients, every day, delivering extraordinary results time and time again. To be the best digital agency, you have to deliver the best digital marketing service, so the experts at Shout make your business problems our business problems. We believe in always hiring a specialist for the job – that’s why we focus on your digital marketing services, to let you concentrate on running your business.

      At Shout, we do it all, and we offer performance marketing that delivers. Whether it’s simple digital strategies using search engine optimisation (SEO) to raise awareness or drive visitation. More sophisticated paid search, SEM, PPC and Google Ads campaigns that get you to the top page of search results faster. Or, multi-channel, fully optimised performance marketing campaigns that utilise the best automation tools there are. With the right strategy, the result is a campaign that reaches more people, drives more visitation and continues to evolve to improve conversion rates so your business grows as fast as the internet.

      We’re collaborative by nature; we understand broader business objectives and seamlessly translate these into your digital marketing strategy. That's why Shout is one of the top digital agencies Australia. We understand that different people use the internet in different ways. So Shout looks at buyer and visitor behaviour to create an online experience that effectively guides prospects from search to sale. It’s all about what you need, and what your goals are.

      Shout is a full service digital marketing agency that will work to put your message where it can do the most good for your business, to give you the edge you need, online. We get ROI. We can develop your digital strategy one key deliverable at a time or provide a holistic strategy that links all aspects of your digital and online activity, effectively and efficiently. The digital landscape is changing all the time. Wherever you are, Shout digital marketing Australia gets you and your business goals, and can deliver.


      If you want to see how we will deliver you digital marketing results, get in touch today.

      Agency digital marketing is very similar to traditional marketing, except that it uses the internet and online-based digital technologies, such as computers, smartphones, and other digital media to promote your products and services. It can also include tactics like pay-per-click, search engine optimisation, social media marketing, contenting marketing, and more.

      If any of these terms feel unfamiliar to you, that’s ok. Web marketing is very much its own discipline, which is why full-service digital marketing agencies like Shout exist to help you get to grips with its complexities. If you’re going to thrive in the online world, it’s likely that you’re going to need a digital wingman, like us, to help you navigate your way to success.

      Here are some of the ways in which Australia’s top industries and services are making the most of digital marketing:



      Retailers use a range of digital marketing tools to better understand their customers – how they shop, how they spend, what they’re into, and why – to help tailor marketing communications to their individual needs.



      Digital marketing is helping Australia’s telcos segment and automate their services for a better customer experience. It also provides tools such as social media to help them form tailored relationships that maximise long-term retention.


      Small and medium businesses

      Companies that don’t have extensive marketing departments or funds are using digital marketing tools to manage and automate campaigns, access new leads, and pivot their activities in line with market demands.


      Banking and financial services

      Digital marketing companies have helped revolutionise the online banking world by eradicating the need for brick-and-mortar branches, enabling personalised communications that help banks target niche customers quickly and easily.


      Public services

      Federal and local government departments are using digital marketing tools to better understand their citizens and to promote public services and programs that create a safer and healthier world for all Australians.

      We think of ourselves as the best digital marketing agency and web marketing agency in Melbourne. When it comes to Australian digital marketing and web marketing services, we have one of the best teams in the business. We offer a range of unique digital marketing services and performance marketing services, including SEO, social media, email marketing, digital strategy and marketing, blogs, and pay-per-click marketing. What’s more, our digital agency services and digital strategy services employ the latest best practice techniques, making us one of the leading full-service digital agencies in Australia. If you’re looking for highly effective web marketing services in Australia, look no further than Shout.

      As you start to learn more about digital marketing and marketing agency services, you’ll come to understand that there is no one-size-fits-all approach. The tools you use to execute your campaigns should be selected based on your goals, your audience, and how they like to consume content. For example, if your customer base includes avid social media users, why would you send them an email? Conversely, if they respond well to email marketing, you probably wouldn’t bother investing in complex social media campaigns. However, the truth of the matter is that most people respond to a mixture of tools, so you just need to find the right blend for your business.

      Some helpful tools include:

      • Email marketing:
        • MailChimp and ConvertKit
      • Content marketing:
        • Buzzsumo
      • Graphic design:
        • Canva
      • SEO:
        • Ahrefs and SEMRush
      • Social media scheduling:
        • Buffer or Hootsuite
      • Monitoring and measuring:
        • Google Analytics, Ahrefs and SEMRush

      This depends on who you ask, but the one thing that all successful digital marketing campaigns have in common is the c-word. That’s right, content. If you’re familiar with digital marketing strategy, you’ve probably heard the phrase ‘Content is king’.


      Without good content, you have absolutely zero chance of building trust with your customers, promoting your products and services, scoring high with Google’s SEO algorithms, or communicating your brand values. Please believe us when we say that a successful digital and marketing strategy is 100% reliant on meaningful content.

      Here are our top seven ingredients to help get you started:

      •   Compelling headlines, and visual design.
      •   Optimised for SEO and SEM
      •   Newsworthy stories and updates
      •   Timely communications and offers.
      •   Easy to understand and navigate environments.
      •   Nourishing pieces that meet customer needs
      •   Trustworthy information that is reliable and fact-checked.

      Most digital agencies like Shout, don’t really have one approach to digital marketing, as there are so many variables that need to be considered. However, as a web marketing agency, we do have some fundamental processes that we always start with, which include:

      •   Getting to know your brand and its current traction online
      •   Understanding your audience and how they operate
      •   Exploring the channels that will work best for your business
      •   Looking at what has worked and what hasn’t so far.

      Beyond that, we invest a great deal of time looking into how we can make best-practice solutions work for you. There are so many tools that we can add to your kit to ensure your business is always at the cutting-edge of digital marketing excellence.

      These can include:

      1. Chatbots and conversational marketing

      Chatbots are a great way to start a cost-effective 24/7 conversation with your customers. They can also help you personalise your communications.

      2. Personalization

      Did you know that 50% of customers will spend more when you personalise your content to meet their specific needs and requirements?

      3. Video marketing

      According to research conducted in 2019, approximately 8 out of 10 people purchased a product or app after watching its online video.

      4. Social commerce and shoppable posts

      It may surprise you to learn that 72% of Instagram users have purchased a product on the app. It certainly pays to have your product available where customers want it.

      5. Omnichannel marketing

      Customers who see your product on three or more channels are likely to spend 13% more on average. They’ll also increase their buying frequency by up to 250%!

      The thing about digital marketing is that it’s always changing. What was hot yesterday might be old news today, which is why digital marketers have no time to rest on their laurels. Digital marketing evolves endlessly. This is especially the case when Google changes its search engine optimisation algorithms regularly. This means your campaign needs to take these changes into account and constantly evolve with these fluctuations. The same goes for all other aspects of digital marketing – like social media trends, for example.

      How do I become a web marketer?

      In our experience, there are a few things that everyone needs to do in order to become a successful digital marketer. So, let’s start at the very beginning…

      Learn the basics through a course or with experience

      Everybody has to start somewhere. We recommend finding a course that will give you an overview of the basics to kick-start your digital marketing activities. You can then find other courses that deep dive into more niche subjects like email marketing, digital performance marketing, and digital marketing strategy.

      Become a guru in PPC and SEO

      In many ways, pay-per-click (PPC) and search engine optimisation (SEO) are where it’s at when it comes to effective digital marketing. If you can stay on top of current trends, including recent algorithm changes, you will already be several steps ahead of the competition. Too many people become complacent when it comes to understanding these tools, so give yourself the edge by creating expert marketing services.

      Here’s a rundown of how they work:

      • SEO refers to the process of improving your site’s organic traffic and ranking on search engines such as Google and Bing. By utilising a number of on-page and off-page technical efforts, your website is optimised in a way that gets the attention of a search engine like Google. This means that the bots from this engine will scan through your page and rank it on relevancy to the user, the keywords you’re targeting and the content you carry across your site. When Google deems you as credible and worth the read, it will rank you higher up in results pages (SERPs). At Shout, we have an SEO agency Melbourne, an SEO agency Sydney, plus we have SEO agency Brisbane ready to get to work.

      • PPC refers to pay-per-click and is where an advertiser pays an agreed fee every time their online ads are clicked. As an agency, we process the management of a company’s PPC ads. We work with you to define goals to minimise your overall spending while using the best-targeted keywords. There is currently a range of PPC types that are invaluable for increasing website traffic and conversions. The kind of PPC campaign you use will largely depend on your budget, and can include:

        With PPC, you are more likely to see instant results compared to SEO which is developed over the long term. For the best outcomes, use a combination of both PPC and SEO. For example, using SEO for your main landing page and PPC for individual landing pages will help generate a balanced outcome.

      Establish a good knowledge set on social media

      Understanding best practice techniques for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, and LinkedIn marketing is key to any successful digital strategy recommendation. It is also a good idea to learn how these platforms complement each other, especially when creating cross-channel campaigns that require consistency while considering each channel’s quirks and perks.

      Here are some of the major social media platforms at play in Australia, with their current monthly usage numbers:

      • Around 60% of Australians use Facebook
      • Around 50% of Australians use Facebook daily
      • Around 50% of Australians use YouTube
      • Around 45% of Australians use LinkedIn
      • Around 30% of Australians use Instagram
      • Around 25% of Australians use Snapchat
      • Around 25% of Australians use WhatsApp
      • Around 20% of Australians use Pinterest
      • Around 20% of Australians use Twitter
      • Around 1.1M Australians use TikTok

      Evolve and upskill on content marketing

      Like we’ve said before, content is king. It’s vital that you remain up to date on all the latest content marketing techniques, best practices, and technologies, to ensure optimal reach and customer engagement.

      There are few things that will erode your brand more than an outdated marketing strategy, which is why support from digital marketing agencies, like Shout, is essential.

      Discover how email marketing works

      When done well, email marketing has the potential to help you connect with millions of established and new customers. You just need to make sure you stay up to date with the latest best practice techniques and keep your emails:

      • Personal
      • Automated
      • Segmented
      • Tested

      1. Digital devices

      These include the devices that your customers are using on a daily basis, such as laptops, desktop computers, mobile phones, tablets, smart TVs, gaming devices and smartwatches. When optimised correctly, these can all be used to target your audience with useful marketing materials that can help your business grow.

      2. Digital platforms

      These are the platforms your customers are interacting with all the time, such as social media, search engines and websites. Common social media platforms include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, and LinkedIn. Major search engines include Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

      3. Digital media

      These refer to the paid and/or owned channels you use to reach your audience, such as your website, online advertising, social media marketing, messaging, and email marketing. It is essential that you make these work for you in order to get a good return on investment as they can be quite costly.

      4. Digital data

      This refers to vital information about your customers, such as their age, location, buying habits, and interests etc. Most businesses use a range of tools to access and accrue this information, such as contact and feedback forms, surveys, apps, and online tracking technologies.

      5. Digital technology

      Increasingly, businesses are using a range of technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) to create fun, engaging, and cost-effective online campaigns. The more we learn about these innovations, the more we see their potential with regard to effective marketing.

      It could be argued that all companies need digital marketing, especially as innovations improve and more industries operate online. In 2020, when the brick-and-mortar world was forced to close down due to COVID-19, digital marketing really came into its own. No business or service could operate without an online presence, and many had to adapt in order to survive. These changes are likely to be permanent, which means businesses have no choice but to employ an online marketing strategy. However, rather than doing it out of obligation, we recommend embracing this change as a massive opportunity. After all, what business doesn’t want to increase customer loyalty, engage with customers throughout the buying process, target the right audience, or generate a consistent lead pipeline? Digital marketing in Australia makes all this and more possible for any business anywhere. You just need to partner with the right people to help make digital marketing work for you. That’s where we come in.

      Yes and no. Getting started is fairly simple, and many digital marketing platforms make it easy for you to sign up and create your first campaign. The hard part is staying on top of the latest trends and finding the time to monitor and refine your promotions. It’s also hard to create high-quality content that is clever, engaging, and relevant in equal measure.

      Everyone thinks they can write or design or strategise. And in some instances, this is true, but not in most. Content creation, both written and visual, is a hard-won discipline and should be respected as such. So, while it is easy to execute a digital marketing campaign, it is not always easy to execute a successful one, which is why we recommend partnering with a digital agency like Shout to help you on your way.

      For small to medium businesses, in particular, digital marketing provides a great deal of opportunity for growth and success. Here are some of the ways digital marketing can transform your business operations.


      1. Improve SEO campaigns and rankings

      Making sure your business ranks highly on search engines like Google or Bing is a great way to create visibility and get vital clicks to your webpage. There is also evidence to suggest that the higher you are in the rankings, the more likely people are to trust your business. At Shout, we have a range of highly skilled professionals who know the various search engine algorithms inside and out and can help you reach that coveted number one position.


      2. Utilise more strategic keyword research

      There are lots of things to consider when choosing SEO keywords. We’ll work with you to determine who you’re targeting and where, and tailor our recommendations to suit your audience. We’ll also use a number of different tools to help you identify the words and phrases you can own, as well as creating content that is attractive to Google’s algorithms. After all, it’s all about gaming the system, which is why we invest heavily in creating expert marketing service teams who know exactly how to help you win.


      3. Launch a blog or publication

      When a customer logs on to a blog, they are usually prepared to take in a fair amount of content. As such, articles can range from as little as 100 words to as many as 5,000, depending on what you’re hoping to achieve. Blogs are also a great way to build credibility, increase SEO, and develop relationships. Just make sure the content you create is meaningful, accurate and aligned with your brand strategy.


      4. Create or participate in a Facebook group

      Facebook groups are an excellent tool for building online communities, particularly with like-minded customers who want to engage in a two-way dialogue. In sense, customers who join your Facebook group become a captive audience for you to share targeted and meaningful content with. Not only can this help you increase your organic reach, but it can also help you build life-long customer relationships.


      5. Utilise forums

      Online forums have come a long way in the last few years, with many creating a great space for you to connect with your customers, and for them to connect with each other. They encourage meaningful discussion, improve communication, and enhance engagement, all of which can help you acquire vital information to inform future marketing and advertising campaigns.


      6. Build an email marketing list

      We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: email marketing is a great way to connect with multiple customers in a highly personalised and segmented way. You just need to make sure you have an accurate customer database to rely on. At Shout we have a range of tools to help you build this database in a way that’s legal, ethical, and minimally disruptive to your customers.


      7. Launch an eCommerce store.

      There’s no doubt about it – the opportunity to sell online has helped several businesses survive the COVID-19 pandemic. Even in the midst of a global crisis, businesses have been able to earn more and grow successfully thanks to the faster buying processes, flexibility and cost reductions on offer from eCommerce platforms.

      SEO stands for search engine optimisation and is the process of ensuring your website is targeted towards traffic on Google. To do this effectively, you’ll need to incorporate a number of technical on-page and off-page elements to signify your authority to search engine bots, which in turn, ranks you higher in search results. At Shout, we have a number of experts who can help you expand your digital strategies to include SEO by identifying the right keywords and phrases and monitoring your ongoing SEO performance.

      Right now, digital marketing is the past, present, and future. It’s all around us. There is absolutely no doubt that the way Australians engage with businesses has changed, and most research tells us that we will never go back. As such, marketers need to stay ahead of consumer demand and deliver the connected digital experiences that customers expect. They also need to stay on top of the latest trends and utilise the right technologies at the right time. Thankfully, this is exactly what we at Shout are good at, so get in touch today and we’ll help you get your digital marketing off the ground and flying high.


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