June 28, 2017

5 Ways to Turn Your PPC Strategy into Conversions

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Michael Jenkins
Michael Jenkins

CEO - Shout Agency


If you want to be successful with PPC campaigns you need to look beyond the ad to the conversions. That is because while many search  marketing experts know they must improve click through rate, this is only one part of the process.

With the costs of PPC (Pay-Per-Click) ads increasing 12% year over year, it is more important than ever to have the right strategy in place. Therefore, we will look at how to increase the conversions from the PPC strategy.

5 PPC Strategies to increase Conversions

1. Determine your goals

If you want to be successful with pay-per-click ads the first step is to determine your goals. For example, you need to think beyond the call to action for the campaign.

As Search Engine Land states, “it is important to understand where that action leads, the touch points for the client once they follow through on the CTA, how that user shall be nurtured through the funnel, and the lifetime value of that lead.”

Start by looking at what your what steps your customers should ultimately take to become your ideal customer. Do you want them to become long-term customers at your store, subscribe to your membership program, or purchase a larger ticket item?

The best way to help you understand this is to reverse-engineer the purchase path to determine how they move through your funnel.

2. Buyers Journey

The best way to explore the funnel is re-evaluate this term. You need to look at this from the buyers’ perspective. What is the journey they need to take to purchase your services?

Take the keywords you use in a PPC campaign. Keywords can be used not only to find the right audience for your products, but also to target your prospects in the right stage of the buyers’ journey.

For example, a long tail keyword like Men’s Schwinn Skyliner Hybrid Bike is better for those who are in the evaluation or purchase phase of the buyers’ journey. Compared to those who search for a keyword like bike which is in the awareness step.

The more specific the word, the more research a customer has already done before they find your services. That is why product based searches show more intent to purchase at a sooner date. Comparatively, a simple keyword search like bike shows the customer does not have enough information at the current moment to complete the purchase.

That is why any quality PPC strategy shall utilize keywords to be a guide at specific points in the buyers’ journey.

3. Use Remarketing

Part of the challenge with PPC campaigns is you have one chance to get their attention. If you want to focus on conversions; however, you need to spend more time looking at how to capture prospects with a long-term focus. That is why remarketing is so powerful.

Take this one example in the buyers’ journey: 70% of buyers abandon the shopping cart the first time. This often happens, because consumers use the shopping cart to determine the price or they are comparison shopping.

However, just because they left does not mean they are not interested. They are not ready. Therefore, you must get them to keep saying yes just like you would during the sales process.

Remarketing helps, because you can now get them come back to your website by clicking on your ad, maybe reading your content, and/or filling out a form. These are micro commitments. They are so small that a customer might not even notice what they are doing. However, subconsciously they are saying yes to your products for when they are ready to buy.

That is why remarketing is such a valuable tool. It helps you stay in touch with all your prospects who do not act the first time they go through the process. Just like in real life, you cannot rush prospects through the process.

The challenge is that PPC is sometimes treated as a one and done deal. Do NOT fall into this trap. Remarketing allows you to play the long-game with your customers, so they can buy when they feel comfortable. This leads to more sales with larger amounts and additional re-purchases.

One more note on remarketing. This strategy also improves the quality score of the ads, so the ads in the future shall cost less and get seen by a wider audience.

4. Test, test, test

The best way to ensure you improve your conversions from PPC ads is to test what works and what does not. This means you should not only test the ads, but also test the landing page as well.

According to SEO Gadget, only 44% of companies currently use split testing to determine the conversion rate. However, if you are not testing the results of each step you will never know if you have the best conversion process.

Just remember that you should only do A/B tests on one element at a time. Therefore, if you want to determine how to improve your click rate, change the text or the image. Do NOT change both at the same time, because then you will not know what element lead to the greatest change in your conversion rate.

5. Align Copy with landing pages

The next step is to make sure that the PPC ad leads directly to the landing page. You want your ad to match the landing page. It shows consistency to the prospect, and Google improves your quality score when you provide relevant content on the landing page that users appreciate.

One of the best ways to do this is to personalize your ads to your target market. This way they feel that every step from the PPC ad to the landing page to the conversion matches with peoples specific emotional appeals.

Final Thoughts

Improving your PPC strategy often has little to do with the ads, and more to do with a holistic approach to your conversion strategy. That is because when you do not think of the end in mind your ads could fall short.

By focusing on the strategies we discussed above, you can improve your conversions. However, if you still have questions feel free to give a shout to the best conversion rate optimisation agency Melbourne.

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    Book a free 45 minute consultation today.


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