September 8, 2016

5 Reasons to Use LinkedIn Premium

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Michael Jenkins
Michael Jenkins

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Do you use LinkedIn Premium for marketing your business? As LinkedIn continues to evolve with the purchase from Microsoft, it is in the best of many marketers to take a look at the premium services LinkedIn offers. This way they can determined the best way to drive the type of targeted traffic for their business.

In the realm of professional networking, LinkedIn stands as an invaluable platform for connection, growth, and opportunity. But did you know that LinkedIn Premium offers a suite of enhanced features designed to take your professional journey to the next level?

Building upon our commitment to helping you thrive in the digital landscape, this blog post delves further into the compelling advantages of LinkedIn Premium. From advanced search functionalities to expanded networking capabilities, we explore five pivotal reasons why investing in this premium experience can accelerate your career, amplify your connections, and unlock untapped potential.

Remember that building a business on social media is not about a free lunch anymore. That time is past. Successful social marketers have a budget and plan in place to succeed.

One of the biggest question to ask then as we go through this article is how does LinkedIn Premium help my business succeed?

5 Benefits of Using LinkedIn Premium

1. Find out Who Viewed Your Profile

Are you actively adding more contacts on LinkedIn? Then you want to know who viewed your profile. This gives you an idea of whether or not your outreach works, and also might indicate if something is turning potential connections away because of your current profile.

While the free account only shows you the past 5 people who checked out your profile, Premium shows you everyone.

Furthermore, you can still be anonymous on LinkedIn Premium, and see who viewed your profile. For those looking to go into stealth mode on LinkedIn for free, you lose your ability to track who viewed your profile.

2. Advanced Search Functionality

Premium also comes with some premium search fields that the free version does not offer.

For example, let’s say you are in a B2B sales environment. You want to find experienced COO’s who could use your services.

The free feature allows you to enter in a position via the keyword function. You can also search via location, group, and industry.

However, the Premium accounts can also screen contacts in search by Years of Experience, Function, Seniority Level, Interested In, Company Size, and When Joined filters.

This way, you can avoid a COO in charge of a 2-person firm with less than 1 year of experience. Instead, go after the targeted COO’s of larger firms interested in working with better vendors for their business.

While you are in search, remember to save the best searches you create. A free account allows you to save up to three searches, and a premium account offers seven saved searches.

3. Group Search

While search features work the same for groups and connections they are too different animals.

When you connect with a group, you in effect improve not only the quality of the connections with people in that group. You also improve your ability to target your searches for qualified connections.

For example, you can connect with a Sales group on LinkedIn where you can find a multitude of prospective clients. You can then reach out to 15 group members each month with LinkedIn premium.

In essence, you can find a target rich environment for you to add sales and then connect with up to 15 group members every month by telling them how you are both part of the same LinkedIn group. Beats cold calling!

4. Premium Insights

As any good marketer can attest, no campaign is worth its salt without quality analytics

This is great for job seekers or those who provide human capital services. For example, if you run a temp service, Exclusive Premium Insights permit you to view the Employee Count as well as the growth and decline of the company employees as well as the average tenure.

Another feature is Employee Distribution. If you see a disproportionate number of sales people, then you know your sales products would probably go over well with this company.

5. Premium Messaging

Make it easy for your prospects to connect with you through Open Profile. This way anytime a first-level contact sends you a private message, you can receive it to learn more.

Additionally, Premium provides 25 InMail credits each month for messages you want to send. Keep in mind that whenever someone responds to your messages you get a credit back.

Final Thoughts

LinkedIn Premium can have a number of benefits for B2B companies looking to expand their professional network. If your business has stalled in their use of LinkedIn’s free services, then it might be time to consider going Premium.

If you need help making the transition, feel free to reach out our social media marketing company in Melbourne for a free initial consultation.

Book a free 45 minute consultation today.

    Book a free 45 minute consultation today.

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