May 25, 2016

5 Advanced Content Strategies for your Lead Generation Efforts

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Michael Jenkins
Michael Jenkins

CEO - Shout Agency
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You created content for your blog just like you were told at the last conference you attended. However, the sound of crickets would be a welcome relief to the noticeable void you hear in your lead generation efforts.
What’s wrong?
Generating leads from your content is a vital component of any digital marketing strategy.
That is why we want to discuss with you some advanced lead generation strategies.
This is a continuation of the article we wrote a few weeks ago on the basics of Turning Content into Leads the Right Way. Continuing in this article, we discuss some of the higher level strategies you can use to generate leads for your business through content marketing.

5 Advanced Content Lead Generation Strategies

  1. Unified Marketing Tools- The first thing you need are the right tools for your content generation. While the number of marketing tools has grown exponentially over the last few years, many of them do not fit your needs.

Therefore, it is vital you review the marketing tools you use right now, before continuing with this process. Some marketers get so married to the tools that they do not set up the correct processes.
If we start with a tools audit, you can then incorporate them into the right strategy.
Once you do, the most important thing is the following.
Your market tools must work together as a unified whole. The greatest tool that cannot interact with the other aspects of your marketing is counterproductive.
For example, what happens if your email marketing software does not work with your WordPress site? How can you track the leads back and forth between the two different platforms? More importantly, how can you then accurately source that lead to your CRM system?
If you create a blog post on WordPress and share it to your email list, it then becomes impossible to understand the path your customer and the reasons why they purchase your products.
When everything works together, the rest of these strategies work even better.

  1. Content Best Practices- Next, it is vital to know how to create the best content for your blog, videos, and other content forms.

For example, have an SEO checklist your content creator team can use t ensure they include the right keywords, headers, titles, and other SEO attributes to improve your search rankings.
Create checklists like these for other parts of your marketing efforts. Then when your team creates your next weekly newsletter you have alluring images and appealing headlines.
Do not expect your staff (or even yourself) to know your company’s best practices until they are written out.
One last note for best practices. Personalise your content to your audience. Small touches like sending emails from a real life person at your company instead of the generic corporate email account engage your readers and make them more interested in your business and staff.

  1. Call-to-actions- This might come as a shock to some. However, to generate leads you need to ask for the sale. That is why companies who have 40 or more lead pages generate 12 times the results over companies with 5 or less landing pages.

With so many lead pages, they find additional ways to incorporate those landing pages more often into their content strategy. This in turn adds more subscribers and prospects.
Every blog post should have at least 1-2 call-to-actions in different spots in your blog asking readers to move forward with your brand.
Create a lot of little “yeses” that entice visitors to say yes to your services when the time is right.
It can be as simple as creating a pop up that asks customers, “Looking to really BOOST REVENUE from your website? Yes! Please Show Me How!” Feel free to register for our sign up to learn how we use call-to-actions at Shout.

  1. Promote your content- For some reason, many content creators think that creating the content is the end of the process. However, if you do not promote the content you create then you cannot get the most out of your content.

Therefore, it is vital for you to promote your content to the places where your network hangs out online.
Share your content on social media, discussion boards, email newsletters, and targeted groups. If your network is there, then this information can answer their questions.

  1. Measure results- Finally, no content and lead generation campaign is complete without measuring the results. Your company needs to review everything from website views to email open rates to call-to-action click rates.

As the saying goes, the more you measure the more you know. It is important for you to know as much as possible to improve your results. This is where the unified marketing tools we discussed in step 1 help you become really effective at lead generation.

Final Thoughts

Content marketing can generate a lot of leads for your business when done right. However, you need to have the right plan in place to do that.
If you need help turning your content marketing strategy into leads, then Contact Us for a free consulting session today!

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    Book a free 45 minute consultation today.

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