March 2, 2017

3 Steps to Mobile Ecommerce Domination

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Michael Jenkins
Michael Jenkins

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Ready or not, the mobile ecommerce revolution is here! The question now is how are you going to set up your ecommerce store to successfully use mobile for your business.

With over 50% of all online purchases made from smartphones and tables, it is essential for any retailer to ensure their site is optimized for mobile traffic.

If you have not set up your site for mobile ecommerce traffic, then fortunately Shout has a few strategies to help you market your online retail site.

3 Strategies to Market Your Mobile Ecommerce Site

1. Mobile Optimization

First, and foremost all ecommerce sites need to have a mobile plan. If you are no optimizing your site for mobile traffic, then you cannot optimize your merchant site for conversions.

This is not just our belief, but something Google mandated with their Mobile Algorithm Update last year.

How do you do that?

We recently worked with Seaspray Pools to help them optimize their site for mobile traffic. Before we worked with the swimming pool builder, their website ran on flash. Unfortunately, Google cannot read flash websites.

We took a holistic approach towards their website, so we could help guide prospects from start to loyal customers.

When we updated their website, and used a content management system, it helped Google understand the structure of the website.

Furthermore, it made it possible for us to optimize their site for mobile traffic. Because of these changes, we could get Seaspray into the Google 3 Pack, and drive  Google local traffic to their website.

Furthermore, using mobile lead generation forms we could auto-populate prospects information. This is great for helping them convert more visitors into leads.

Finally, we created a mobile shopping experience for users. This helps to reduce shopping cart abandonment, because complicated forms on a mobile device get abandoned by prospective clients more often.

In the end, the changes to the mobile nature of the site helped us reach customers on various devices.

That is because customers do not fill out small forms on a website. Optimizing your site for mobile traffic in the end is about making sure that mobile users can access your information on their mobile devices with ease, so they have less resistance to purchasing your services.

2. Mobile Fraud

Now that your site is optimized for mobile traffic we need to protect your customers and yourself.

Online fraud has been one of the fastest growing trends today. Mobile devices are no exception.

While experts have preached desktop protection tools for years now, it has only been in the last few years that mobile phones provided the same level of protection for purchases.

This begins with an SSL certificate. An SSL certificate protects your customers’ data that they enter on your site from their party hackers.

Check with your hosting company to see what SSL certificates they have available for your needs.  Otherwise, your site could be open to malicious website hacks.

3. Cross device attribution

Finally, ecommerce site owners need to consider the fact the initial search might start on a mobile. However, the final purchase could happen on a home computer.

In a world where people own multiple devices, cross device purchases like this are becoming more common. This means that looking at cross device retargeting and attribution to see the real result is crucial.

Use quality CRM and analytics tools that can track your customers across different devices. Being able to track the entire sales flow for your customers can benefit your company’s ability to understand how to market to your customers.

Otherwise, you might run into problems identifying how your customers found your site.  That in turn could lead to higher marketing and sales costs.

Final Thoughts

A mobile ecommerce site has the potential to open up a website to a whole new set of potential.

Because so many consumers use their smartphones and tablets to browse and purchase goods online a good mobile strategy is vital for any company that wants to convert mobile-savvy consumers.

If you are looking to improve your mobile conversions for your ecommerce store, then reach out to conversion specialists at Shout for a complimentary consulting session.

Book a free 45 minute consultation today.

    Book a free 45 minute consultation today.

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